Psalm 123:1-4

A Song of the Ascents. 123  To you I have raised my eyes,+O You who are dwelling in the heavens.+   Look! As the eyes of servants are toward the hand of their master,*+As the eyes of a maidservant are toward the hand of her mistress,+So our eyes are toward Jehovah our God+Until he shows us favor.+   Show us favor, O Jehovah, show us favor;+For to an abundance we have been glutted with contempt.+   Abundantly our soul has been glutted with the derision of those who are at ease,+Of the contempt on the part of the arrogant ones.+


“Their master.” Heb., ʼadhoh·neh·hemʹ, pl. of ʼa·dhohnʹ, to denote excellence. See Ge 39:2 ftn.