Psalm 120:1-7

A Song of the Ascents.* 120  To Jehovah I called in the distress of mine,+And he proceeded to answer me.+   O Jehovah, do deliver my soul from false lips,+From the tricky tongue.+   What will one give to you, and what will one add to you,O you tricky tongue?+   Sharpened arrows of a mighty man,+Along with burning coals of the broom trees.+   Woe to me, for I have resided as an alien in Meʹshech!+I have tabernacled together with the tents of Keʹdar.+   For too long a time my soul has tabernacled+With the haters* of peace.+   I stand for peace;+ but when I speak,They are for war.+


Or, “A Song of the Stairsteps.” This is the first of 15 Songs of the Ascents, Ps 120–134 inclusive. Compare 2Ki 20:9-11.
“Haters,” LXXSyVg and eight Heb. mss; M, “hater.”