Psalm 110:1-7

Of David. A melody. 110  The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord* is:+“Sit at my right hand+Until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”+   The rod+ of your strength Jehovah will send out of Zion,+ [saying:]“Go subduing in the midst of your enemies.”+   Your people+ will offer themselves willingly*+ on the day of your military force.+In the splendors of holiness,+ from the womb of the dawn,*You have your company of young men just like dewdrops.*+   Jehovah has sworn+ (and he will feel no regret):+“You are a priest to time indefinite+According to the manner of Mel·chizʹe·dek!”+   Jehovah* himself at your right hand+Will certainly break kings to pieces on the day of his anger.+   He will execute judgment among the nations;+He will cause a fullness of dead bodies.+He will certainly break to pieces the head one over a populous land.+   From the torrent valley in the way he will drink.+That is why he will raise high [his] head.*+


“To my Lord (Master).” Heb., lAʼ·dho·n.
“Dawn.” Heb., mish·charʹ; Gr., he·o·sphoʹrou; Lat., lu·ciʹfe·rum. Compare Isa 14:12.
Lit., “you have the dew of your youth”; or, “you have your youth as dew itself.”
“Will offer themselves willingly (freely).” Lit., “[will be] voluntary offerings,” that is, prompt volunteers. Compare Ex 35:29; Ex 36:3; Nu 15:3 ftn.
One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B.
“His head,” Sy and two Heb. mss; MLXXVg, “the head.”