Psalm 104:1-35

104  Bless Jehovah, O my soul.+O Jehovah my God, you have proved very great.+With dignity and splendor you have clothed+ yourself,   Enwrapping yourself with light as with a garment,+Stretching out the heavens like a tent cloth,+   The One building his upper chambers with beams in the very waters,+Making the clouds his chariot,+Walking upon the wings of the wind,+   Making his angels spirits,*+His ministers a devouring fire.+   He has founded the earth upon its established places;+It will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.+   With a watery deep* just like a garment you covered it.+The waters were standing above the very mountains.+   At your rebuke they began to flee;+At the sound of your thunder they were sent running in panic—   Mountains proceeded to ascend,+Valley plains proceeded to descend—To the place that you have founded for them.   A boundary you set, beyond which they should not pass,+That they should not again cover the earth.+ 10  He is sending springs into the torrent valleys;+Between the mountains they keep going on. 11  They continually give drink to all the wild beasts of the open field;+The zebras+ regularly quench their thirst. 12  Above them roost the flying creatures of the heavens;+From among the thick foliage they keep giving forth sound.+ 13  He is watering the mountains from his upper chambers.+With the fruitage* of your works the earth is satisfied.+ 14  He is making green grass sprout for the beasts,+And vegetation for the service of mankind,*+To cause food* to go forth from the earth,+ 15  And wine that makes the heart of mortal man* rejoice,+To make the face shine with oil,+And bread that sustains the very heart of mortal man.+ 16  The trees of Jehovah are satisfied,The cedars of Lebʹa·non that he planted,+ 17  Where the birds themselves make nests.+As for the stork, the juniper trees are its house.+ 18  The high mountains+ are for the mountain goats;+The crags are a refuge for the rock badgers.+ 19  He has made the moon for appointed times;+The sun itself knows well where it sets.+ 20  You cause darkness, that it may become night;+In it all the wild animals of the forest move forth. 21  The maned young lions are roaring for the prey+And for seeking their food from God* himself.+ 22  The sun begins to shine+—they withdrawAnd they lie down in their own hiding places.* 23  Man* goes forth to his activity+And to his service until evening.+ 24  How many your works are, O Jehovah!+All of them in wisdom you have made.+The earth is full of your productions.+ 25  As for this sea so great and wide,*+There there are moving things without number,+Living creatures, small as well as great.+ 26  There the ships go;+As for Le·viʹa·than,*+ him you have formed to play about in it.+ 27  All of them—for you they keep waiting+To give [them] their food in its season.+ 28  What you give them they pick up.+You open your hand—they get satisfied with good things.+ 29  If you conceal your face, they get disturbed.+If you take away their spirit,* they expire,+And back to their dust they go.+ 30  If you send forth your spirit, they are created;+And you make the face of the ground new. 31  The glory of Jehovah will prove to be to time indefinite.+Jehovah will rejoice in his works.+ 32  He is looking at the earth, and it trembles;+He touches the mountains, and they smoke.+ 33  I will sing to Jehovah throughout my life;+I will make melody to my God as long as I am.+ 34  Let my musing about him be pleasurable.+I, for my part, shall rejoice in Jehovah.+ 35  The sinners will be finished off from the earth;+And as for the wicked, they will be no longer.+Bless Jehovah, O my soul. Praise Jah,* YOU people!*+


Or, “winds.” Heb., ru·chohthʹ, pl. Vs 3 contains “wind” (ruʹach), sing.
Or, “surging waters.” Heb., tehohmʹ; LXXVg, “abyss.” See Ge 1:2 ftn, “Deep.”
Or, “With the moisture,” by a correction of M.
Lit., “the earthling man.” Heb., ha·ʼa·dhamʹ.
Lit., “bread.”
“Mortal man.” Heb., ʼenohshʹ.
“From God.” Heb., me·ʼElʹ.
Or, “dwellings.”
Or, “Earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Lit., “wide on both sides (hands),” that is, spacious.
“Leviathan.” Heb., liw·ya·thanʹ; LXXVg, “the dragon (serpent).”
“Their spirit (breath).” Heb., ru·chamʹ; Gr., pneuʹma; Lat., spiʹri·tum.
“Jah.” Heb., Yah, an abbreviated form of the divine name. Compare 68:4 ftn.
“Praise Jah, you people!” Heb., Ha·lelu-Yahʹ; Gr., Al·le·louʹi·a; Lat., Al·le·luʹia. See App 1D.