Psalm 87:1-7

Of the sons of Koʹrah. A melody, a song. 87  His foundation is in the holy mountains.+   Jehovah is more in love with the gates of Zion+Than with all the tabernacles of Jacob.+   Glorious things are being spoken about you, O city of the [true] God.+ Seʹlah.   I shall make mention of Raʹhab*+ and Babylon*+ as among those knowing me;Here are Phi·lisʹti·a+ and Tyre, together with Cush:*“This is one who was born there.”+   And respecting Zion it will be said:“Each and every one* was born in her.”+And the Most High+ himself will firmly establish her.+   Jehovah himself will declare, when recording the peoples:+“This is one who was born there.”+ Seʹlah.   There will also be singers as well as dancers of circle dances:+“All my springs are in you.”+


“And Babylon,” LXXVg; Heb., u·Va·velʹ, “and Babel.”
“Cush.” Heb., Kush; LXXVg, “the Ethiopian people.”
Or, “the Stormer.” T, “the Egyptians.” Compare 89:10 ftn.
Or, “[This] man and [that] man.”