Psalm 75:1-10

To the director. “Do not bring to ruin.”* A melody. Of Aʹsaph.+ A song. 75  We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks to you,+And your name is near.+Men have to declare your wondrous works.+   “For I proceeded to take a set time;+I myself began judging with uprightness.+   The earth and all its inhabitants being dissolved,+It was I that adjusted its pillars.”+ Seʹlah.   I said to the foolish ones: “Do not be foolish,”+And to the wicked ones: “Do not exalt the horn.+   Do not exalt YOUR horn on high.Do not speak with an arrogant neck.+   For neither from the east* nor from the west,Nor from the south* is there an exalting.   For God is the judge.+This one he abases, and that one he exalts.+   For there is a cup in the hand of Jehovah,+And the wine is foaming, it is full of mixture.And he will surely pour out its dregs from it;All the wicked ones of the earth will drain [them] out, drink [them].”+   But as for me, I shall tell [of it] to time indefinite;I will make melody to the God of Jacob.+ 10  And all the horns of the wicked ones I shall cut down.+The horns of the righteous one will be exalted.+


Compare the superscriptions of Ps 57–59.
Lit., “from a going forth,” that is, of the sun.
Lit., “wilderness,” that is, to the south.