Psalm 141:1-10

A melody of David. 141  O Jehovah, I have called upon you.+Do make haste to me.+Do give ear to my voice when I call to you.+   May my prayer be prepared as incense+ before you,+The raising up of my palms as the evening grain offering.+   Do set a guard, O Jehovah, for my mouth;+Do set a watch over the door of my lips.+   Do not incline my heart to anything bad,+So as to carry on notorious deeds in wickedness+With men* who are practicing what is hurtful,+That I may not feed myself on their dainties.+   Should the righteous one strike me, it would be a loving-kindness;+And should he reprove me, it would be oil upon the head,+Which my head would not want to refuse.+For still there would be even my prayer during their calamities.+   Their judges have been thrown down by the sides of the crag,+But they have heard my sayings, that they are pleasant.+   As when one is doing cleaving and splitting on the earth,Our bones have been scattered at the mouth of Sheʹol.+   However, my eyes are to you,+ O Jehovah the Sovereign Lord.+In you I have taken refuge.+Do not pour out my soul.+   Keep me from the clutches of the trap that they have laid for me+And from the snares of those practicing what is hurtful.+ 10  The wicked will fall into their own nets all together,+While I, for my part, pass by.


“Men.” Heb., ʼi·shimʹ, pl. of ʼish. See Isa 53:3 ftn, “Men.”