Psalm 20:1-9

To the director. A melody of David. 20  May Jehovah answer you in the day of distress.+May the name of the God* of Jacob protect you.*+   May he send your help out of the holy place,+And sustain you out of Zion itself.+   May he remember all your gift offerings,+And may he accept your burnt offering as being fat.*+ Seʹlah.   May he* give to you according to your heart,+And all your counsel may he fulfill.+   We will cry out joyfully because of your salvation,+And in the name of our God we shall lift our banners.*+May Jehovah fulfill all your requests.+   Now I do know that Jehovah certainly saves his anointed one.*+He answers him from his holy heavens+With the saving mighty acts of his right hand.+   Some concerning chariots and others concerning horses,+But, as for us, concerning the name of Jehovah our God we shall make mention.*+   Those very ones have broken down and fallen;+But as for us, we have risen up, that we may be restored.+   O Jehovah, do save the king!+He will answer us in the day that we call.*+


“God of.” Heb., ʼElo·hehʹ.
Lit., “place you on high,” that is, out of reach.
Or, “may he clear away the fatty ashes of your burnt (consumed) offering,” as a sign of acceptance.
“He,” MVg; LXXASy and five Heb. mss, “Jehovah.”
“We shall be magnified,” LXXVg.
“His anointed one.” Heb., meshi·chohʹ; Gr., khri·stonʹ; Syr., meshi·cheh; Lat., chriʹstum.
“We shall be magnified,” LXX; Sy, “we shall gain strength (prevail)”; Vg, “we shall call (invoke).”
Or, “O Jehovah, do save [us]! Let the king himself answer us in the day that we call.”