Psalm 85:1-13

For the director. Of the sons of Koʹrah. A melody. 85  You have taken pleasure, O Jehovah, in your land;+You have brought back* the ones taken captive of Jacob.+   You have pardoned the error of your people;+You have covered all their sin.+ Seʹlah.   You have controlled* all your fury;+You have turned back from the heat of your anger.+   Gather us back,* O God of our salvation,+And break off your vexation with us.+   Is it to time indefinite that you will be incensed at us?+Will you draw out your anger to generation after generation?+   Will you yourself not enliven us again,+That your people themselves may rejoice in you?+   Show us, O Jehovah, your loving-kindness,*+And your salvation may you give to us.+   I will hear what the [true] God Jehovah will speak,+For he will speak peace to his people+ and to his loyal ones,But let them not return to self-confidence.+   Surely his salvation is near to those fearing him,+For glory to reside in our land.+ 10  As for loving-kindness and trueness,* they have met each other;+Righteousness and peace—they have kissed each other.+ 11  Trueness itself will sprout out of the very earth,+And righteousness itself will look down from the very heavens.+ 12  Also, Jehovah, for his part, will give what is good,+And our own land will give its yield.+ 13  Before him righteousness itself will walk,+And it will make a way by his steppings.+


To agree with TLXXSyVg; M, “you have returned to (with).”
Lit., “gathered in.”
Or, “Return to us,” MT; LXXSyVg, “Bring us back.”
Or, “loyal love.”
Or, “and truth.” Heb., we·ʼemethʹ.