Psalm 95:1-11

95  O come let us cry out joyfully to Jehovah!+Let us shout in triumph to our Rock of salvation.+   Let us come before his person* with thanksgiving;+Let us with melodies shout in triumph to him.+   For Jehovah is a great God*+And a great King over all [other] gods,*+   He in whose hand are the inmost depths* of the earth+And to whom the peaks of the mountains belong;+   To whom the sea, which he himself made, belongs+And whose own hands formed the dry land itself.+   O come in, let us worship and bow down;+Let us kneel+ before Jehovah our Maker.+   For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasturage and the sheep of his hand.+Today if YOU people listen to his own voice,+   Do not harden YOUR heart as at Merʹi·bah,*+As in the day of Masʹsah* in the wilderness,+   When YOUR forefathers put me to the proof;+They examined me, they also saw my activity.+ 10  For forty years I kept feeling a loathing toward [that]* generation,+And I proceeded to say:“They are a people wayward at heart,+And they themselves have not come to know my ways”;+ 11  Concerning whom I swore in my anger:+“They shall not enter into my resting-place.”*+


Lit., “face.” Compare Ex 33:14, 15 and 2Sa 17:11 ftns, “Person.”
“A great God.” Heb., ʼEl ga·dhohlʹ.
“Over all [other] gods.” Heb., ʽal-kol-ʼelo·himʹ.
Or, “the ranges [for exploration].” LXX and by transposing two letters in the Heb. word, “the distant places.”
Or, “the quarreling,” M; LXX, “the embittering”; Vg, “the irritating.”
“Day of testing,” LXXVg. See Ex 17:7.
“That,” LXXSyVg; MT omit.
“Rest,” LXXVg.