Psalm 98:1-9

A melody.* 98  SING to Jehovah a new song,+For wonderful are the things that he has done.+His right hand, even his holy arm, has gained salvation* for him.+   Jehovah has made his salvation known;+In the eyes of the nations he has revealed his righteousness.+   He has remembered his loving-kindness* and his faithfulness to the house of Israel.+All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation by our God.+   Shout in triumph to Jehovah, all [YOU people of] the earth.*+Be cheerful and cry out joyfully and make melody.+   Make melody to Jehovah with the harp,+With the harp and the voice of melody.+   With the trumpets* and the sound of the horn*+Shout in triumph before the King, Jehovah.   Let the sea thunder and that which fills it,+The productive land* and those dwelling in it.+   Let the rivers themselves clap their hands;*All together let the very mountains cry out joyfully+   Before Jehovah, for he has come to judge the earth.+He will judge the productive land with righteousness+And the peoples with uprightness.+


“A melody of David,” LXX.
Or, “victory.”
Or, “loyal love.”
See 96:1 ftn, “Earth.”
That is, straight trumpets. See Nu 10:2 ftn.
Or, “shofar,” an animal’s curved horn.
“The productive land.” Heb., te·velʹ; LXX, “the inhabited earth”; Lat., orʹbis ter·raʹrum, “the circle of the whole earth.”
Lit., “clap the palm.”