Psalm 135:1-21

135  Praise Jah, YOU people!*+Praise the name of Jehovah,+Offer praise, O servants of Jehovah,+   YOU who are standing in the house of Jehovah,+In the courtyards of the house of our God.+   Praise Jah,* for Jehovah is good.+Make melody to his name, for it is pleasant.+   For Jah has chosen even Jacob for himself,+Israel for his special property.+   For I myself well know that Jehovah is great,+And our Lord* is more than all [other] gods.*+   Everything that Jehovah delighted [to do] he has done+In the heavens and in the earth, in the seas and all the watery deeps.*+   He is causing vapors to ascend from the extremity* of the earth;+He has made even sluices* for the rain;+He is bringing forth the wind* from his storehouses,+   He who struck down the firstborn ones of Egypt,+Both man* and beast.+   He sent signs and miracles into the midst of you, O Egypt,+Upon Pharʹaoh and upon all his servants;+ 10  He who struck down many nations+And killed potent kings,+ 11  Even Siʹhon the king of the Amʹor·ites+And Og the king of Baʹshan+And all the kingdoms of Caʹnaan,+ 12  And who gave their land as an inheritance,+An inheritance to Israel his people.+ 13  O Jehovah, your name is to time indefinite.+O Jehovah, your memorial is to generation after generation.*+ 14  For Jehovah will plead the cause of his people,+And he will feel regret even over his servants.+ 15  The idols of the nations are silver and gold,+The work of the hands of earthling man.*+ 16  A mouth they have, but they can speak nothing;+Eyes they have, but they can see nothing;+ 17  Ears they have, but they can give ear to nothing.+Also there exists no spirit* in their mouth.+ 18  Those making them will become just like them,+Everyone who is trusting in them.+ 19  O house of Israel, do YOU men bless Jehovah.+O house of Aaron, do YOU men bless Jehovah.+ 20  O house of Leʹvi, do YOU men bless Jehovah.+YOU fearers of Jehovah, bless Jehovah.+ 21  Blessed out of Zion be Jehovah,+Who is residing in Jerusalem.+Praise Jah, YOU people!*+


See 104:35 ftns.
See 68:4 ftn.
“And our Lord.” Heb., wa·ʼAdho·nehʹnu, pl. of ʼA·dhohnʹ, to denote excellence or grandeur.
“Gods.” Heb. and T(Aram.), ʼelo·himʹ; Gr., the·ousʹ; Lat., diʹis.
Or, “surging waters.” Heb., tehoh·mohthʹ; LXXVg, “abysses.” See 33:7 ftn, “Waters.”
Lit., “lightnings.” Heb., bera·qimʹ; by reading bedha·qimʹ instead of bera·qimʹ, “sluices”; TLXXSyVg, “lightnings.” See JTS, Vol. 3, 1952, pp. 214-216.
“Wind.” Heb., ruʹach; Gr., a·neʹmous; Lat., venʹtos. See Ge 1:2 ftn, “Force.”
Lit., “from earthling man.” Heb., me·ʼa·dhamʹ.
Or, “to all generations.”
Or, “of man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Or, “breath.” Heb., ruʹach; Gr., pneuʹma; Lat., spiʹri·tus. Compare vs 7 ftn, “Wind”; 104:29 ftn.
See 104:35 ftns.