Psalm 74:1-23

A masʹkil.* Of Aʹsaph.+ 74  Why, O God, have you cast off forever?+Why does your anger keep smoking against the flock of your pasturage?+   Remember your assembly that you acquired long ago,+The tribe that you redeemed as your inheritance,+This Mount Zion in which you have resided.+   Do lift up your steps to the long-lasting desolations.+Everything the enemy has treated badly in the holy place.+   Those showing hostility to you have roared in the middle of your meeting place.+They have set their own signs as [the] signs.+   One is notorious in being like him that brings up axes on high against a thicket of trees.   And now the very engravings of it, one and all, they strike even with hatchet and iron-tipped beams.+   They have thrust your sanctuary into the fire itself.+They have profaned the tabernacle of your name to the very earth.+   They, even their offspring, have said together in their own heart:“All the meeting places of God* must be burned in the land.”+   Our signs we have not seen; there is no prophet anymore,+And there is no one with us knowing how long. 10  How long, O God, will the adversary keep reproaching?+Will the enemy keep treating your name with disrespect forever?+ 11  Why do you keep your hand, even your right hand, withdrawn+From the midst of your bosom to make an end [of us]? 12  And yet God is my King from long ago,+The One performing grand salvation in the midst of the earth.+ 13  You yourself stirred up the sea with your own strength;+You broke the heads of the sea monsters in the waters.+ 14  You yourself crushed to pieces the heads of Le·viʹa·than.*+You proceeded to give it as food to the people, to those inhabiting the waterless regions.+ 15  You were the One that split the spring and the torrent;+You yourself dried up ever-flowing rivers.+ 16  To you the day belongs; also, to you the night belongs.+You yourself prepared the luminary, even the sun.+ 17  It was you that set up all the boundaries of the earth;+Summer and winter—you yourself formed them.+ 18  Remember this: The enemy himself has reproached, O Jehovah,+And a senseless people have treated your name with disrespect.+ 19  Do not give to the wild beast the soul of your turtledove.+Do not forget the very life of your afflicted ones forever.+ 20  Take a look at the covenant,+For the dark places of the earth have become full of the abodes of violence.+ 21  O may the crushed one not return humiliated.+May the afflicted one and the poor one praise your name.+ 22  Do arise, O God, do conduct your own case at law.+Remember your reproach from the senseless one all day long.+ 23  Do not forget the voice of those showing hostility to you.+The noise of those rising up against you is ascending constantly.+


See 32:Sup ftn.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“Leviathan,” MSy; T, “the strong ones of Pharaoh”; LXXVg, “the dragon.”