Psalm 3:1-8

A melody of David when he was running away on account of Abʹsa·lom his son.*+ 3  O Jehovah, why have my adversaries become many?+Why are many rising up against me?+   Many are saying of my soul:“There is no salvation for him by God.”*+ Seʹlah.*   And yet you, O Jehovah, are a shield about me,+My glory+ and the One lifting up my head.+   With my voice I shall call to Jehovah himself,And he will answer me from his holy mountain.*+ Seʹlah.   As for me, I will lie down that I may sleep;I shall certainly awake, for Jehovah himself keeps supporting me.+   I shall not be afraid of ten thousands of peopleWho have set themselves in array against me round about.+   Do arise,+ O Jehovah! Save me,+ O my God!+For you will have to strike all my enemies on the jaw.+The teeth of wicked ones you will have to break.+   Salvation belongs to Jehovah.+Your blessing is upon your people.+ Seʹlah.


“His son.” Heb., benohʹ.
“By God.” Heb., vEʼ·lo·himʹ, pl. to denote excellence or majesty. See Ge 1:1 ftn, “God.”
Selah.” A Heb. technical term used in music or recitation. The meaning is uncertain.
See 2:6 ftn.