Psalm 22:1-31

To the director upon the Hind* of the Dawn. A melody of David. 22  My God, my God, why have you left me?*+[Why are you] far from saving me,+[From] the words of my roaring?*+   O my God,* I keep calling by day, and you do not answer;+And by night, and there is no silence on my part.+   But you are holy,+Inhabiting the praises of Israel.+   In you our fathers trusted;+They trusted, and you kept providing them with escape.+   To you they cried out,+ and they got away safe;+In you they trusted, and they did not come to shame.+   But I am a worm,+ and not a man,*A reproach to men* and despicable to the people.+   As for all those seeing me, they hold me in derision;+They keep opening their mouths wide,* they keep wagging [their] head:+   “He committed himself* to Jehovah.+ Let Him provide him with escape!+Let him deliver him, since he has taken delight in him!”+   For you were the One drawing me forth from the belly,+The One making me trust while upon the breasts of my mother.+ 10  Upon you I have been thrown from the womb;+From the belly of my mother you have been my God.*+ 11  Do not keep far off from me, because distress is nearby,+Because there is no other helper.+ 12  Many young bulls have surrounded me;+The powerful ones of Baʹshan themselves have got around me.+ 13  They have opened against me their mouth,+As a lion tearing in pieces and roaring.+ 14  Like water I have been poured out,+And all my bones have been separated from one another.+My heart has become like wax;+It has melted deep in my inward parts.+ 15  My power* has dried up just like a fragment of earthenware,+And my tongue is made to stick to my gums;*+And in the dust of death you are setting me.+ 16  For dogs have surrounded me;+The assembly of evildoers themselves have enclosed me.+Like a lion [they are at] my hands and my feet.*+ 17  I can count all my bones.+They themselves look, they gaze upon me.+ 18  They apportion my garments among themselves,+And upon my clothing they cast lots.+ 19  But you, O Jehovah, O do not keep far off.+O you my strength,+ do make haste to my assistance.+ 20  Do deliver from the sword my soul,+My only one* from the very paw of the dog;+ 21  Save me from the mouth of the lion,+And from the horns of wild bulls you must answer [and save] me.+ 22  I will declare your name+ to my brothers;+In the middle of the congregation* I shall praise you.+ 23  YOU fearers of Jehovah, praise him!+All YOU the seed of Jacob, glorify him!+And be frightened at him, all YOU the seed of Israel.+ 24  For he has neither despised+Nor loathed the affliction of the afflicted one;+And he has not concealed his face from him,+And when he cried to him for help he heard.+ 25  From you my praise will be in the large congregation;+My vows I shall pay in front of those fearing him.+ 26  The meek ones will eat and be satisfied;+Those seeking him will praise Jehovah.+May YOUR hearts* live forever.+ 27  All the ends of the earth will remember and turn back to Jehovah.+And all the families of the nations will bow down before you.+ 28  For the kingship belongs to Jehovah,+And he is dominating the nations.+ 29  All the fat ones of the earth shall eat and will bow down;+Before him all those going down to the dust will bend down,+And no one will ever preserve his own soul* alive.+ 30  A seed* itself will serve him;+It will be declared concerning Jehovah* to the generation.+ 31  They will come and tell of his righteousness+To the people that is to be born, that he* has done [this].+


“Hind of.” Heb., ʼai·yeʹleth, the doe of the fallow deer.
“My God, my God, why have you left me?” Heb., ʼE·liʹ, ʼE·liʹ, la·mahʹ ʽazav·taʹni?; Syr., ʼA·lahi ʼA·lahi lema·naʼ sebaq·tani? Compare Mt 27:46; Mr 15:34.
“Far from my salvation are the words of my trespasses,” LXXVg.
“My God.” Heb., ʼElo·haiʹ, pl.
“Man.” Heb., ʼish.
Lit., “earthling man,” used collectively. Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Lit., “they make a separation with the lip.” Or, “they draw their mouth.”
Or, “Commit [yourself],” M; LXXVg, “He hoped.”
“My God.” Heb., ʼEʹli.
“Palate,” by transposing two Heb. letters in M.
Or, “jaws.”
“Like the lion​—⁠my hands and (my) feet,” M; T, “Biting like a lion my hands and my feet”; LXXVg, “They bored (dug through) my hands and my feet.”
“My only one,” fem., referring to “my soul.”
“Congregation.” Heb., qa·halʹ; Gr., ek·kle·siʹas; Lat., ec·cleʹsi·a.
Lit., “heart.”
“And . . . his own soul.” Heb., wenaph·shohʹ. See App 4A.
Or, “offspring.”
One of 134 scrib­al changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B.
“He,” MT; LXXSyVg, “Jehovah.”