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Moses and Aaron See Pharaoh

Moses and Aaron See Pharaoh

WHEN Moses returned to Egypt, he told his brother Aaron all about the miracles. And when Moses and Aaron showed the Israelites these miracles, the people all believed that Jehovah was with them.

Then Moses and Aaron went to see Pharʹaoh. They told him: ‘Jehovah the God of Israel says, “Let my people go for three days, so they can worship me in the wilderness.”’ But Pharʹaoh answered: ‘I don’t believe in Jehovah. And I’m not going to let Israel go.’

Pharʹaoh was angry, because the people wanted time off from work to worship Jehovah. So he forced them to work even harder. The Israelites blamed Moses for how badly they were treated, and Moses felt sad. But Jehovah told him not to worry. ‘I will make Pharʹaoh let my people go,’ Jehovah said.

Moses and Aaron went to see Pharʹaoh again. This time they did a miracle. Aaron threw down his stick, and it became a big snake. But Pharʹaoh’s wise men also threw down sticks, and snakes appeared. But, look! Aaron’s snake is eating up the snakes of the wise men. Still Pharʹaoh would not let the Israelites go.

So the time came for Jehovah to teach Pharʹaoh a lesson. Do you know how he did it? It was by bringing 10 plagues, or great troubles, on Egypt.

After many of the plagues, Pharʹaoh sent for Moses, and said: ‘Stop the plague, and I will let Israel go.’ But when the plague would stop, Pharʹaoh would change his mind. He would not let the people go. But, finally, after the 10th plague, Pharʹaoh sent the Israelites away.

Do you know each of the 10 plagues? Turn the page and let’s learn about them.