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A Brave Man

A Brave Man

AS THE number of people began to increase on the earth, most of them did bad things like Cain. But one man was different. He is this man named Eʹnoch. Eʹnoch was a brave man. The people all around him were doing very bad things, but Eʹnoch still kept on serving God.

Do you know why those people back then did so many bad things? Well, think, Who caused Adam and Eve to disobey God and to eat the fruit that God said they should not eat? Yes, it was a bad angel. The Bible calls him Satan. And he is trying to get everyone to be bad.

One day Jehovah God had Eʹnoch tell the people something they did not want to hear. It was this: ‘God is someday going to destroy all the bad people.’ The people were probably very angry to hear this. They may even have tried to kill Eʹnoch. So Eʹnoch needed to be very brave to tell the people about what God was going to do.

God did not let Eʹnoch live a long time among those bad people. Eʹnoch lived to be only 365 years old. Why do we say “only 365 years”? Because men in those days were much stronger than now and lived much longer. Why, Eʹnoch’s son Me·thuʹse·lah lived to be 969 years old!

Well, after Eʹnoch died, the people just got worse and worse. The Bible says that ‘everything they thought about was bad all the time,’ and that ‘the earth became filled with violence.’

Do you know one of the reasons why there was so much trouble on the earth in those days? It is because Satan had a new way of getting the people to do bad things. We will learn about this next.