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A New Paradise on Earth

A New Paradise on Earth

LOOK at those tall trees, pretty flowers and high mountains. Isn’t it beautiful here? See how the deer is eating out of the little boy’s hand. And look at the lions and the horses standing over there in the meadow. Wouldn’t you like to live in a house in a place like this?

God wants you to live forever on earth in a paradise. And he doesn’t want you to have any of the aches and pains that people suffer today. This is the Bible’s promise to those who will live in the new paradise: ‘God will be with them. There will be no more death or crying or pain. The old things have passed away.’

Jesus will see to it that this wonderful change takes place. Do you know when? Yes, after he cleans the earth of all badness and bad people. Remember, when Jesus was on earth he healed people of all kinds of sicknesses, and he even raised people from the dead. Jesus did this to show what he would do all over the earth when he became King of God’s kingdom.

Just think how wonderful it will be in the new paradise on earth! Jesus, along with some of those whom he chooses, will be ruling in heaven. These rulers will take care of everyone on earth and see that they are happy. Let’s see what we need to do to make sure that God will give us everlasting life in his new paradise.