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How Baby Moses Was Saved

How Baby Moses Was Saved

SEE the little baby crying, and holding onto the lady’s finger. This is Moses. Do you know who the pretty lady is? She is an Egyptian princess, Pharʹaoh’s own daughter.

Moses’ mother hid her baby until he was three months old, because she didn’t want him to be killed by the Egyptians. But she knew that Moses might be found, so this is what she did to save him.

She took a basket and fixed it so that no water would leak in. Then she put Moses into it, and placed the basket in the tall grass along the Nile River. Moses’ sister, Mirʹi·am, was told to stand nearby and see what would happen.

Soon Pharʹaoh’s daughter came down to the Nile River to bathe. Suddenly she saw the basket in the tall grass. She called to one of her servant girls: ‘Go get that basket for me.’ When the princess opened the basket, what a beautiful baby she saw! Little Moses was crying, and the princess felt sorry for him. She didn’t want to have him killed.

Then Mirʹi·am came up. You can see her in the picture. Mirʹi·am asked Pharʹaoh’s daughter: ‘Shall I go and call an Israelite woman to nurse the baby for you?’

‘Please do,’ the princess said.

So Mirʹi·am ran quickly to tell her mother. When Moses’ mother came to the princess, the princess said: ‘Take this baby and nurse him for me, and I will pay you.’

So Moses’ mother took care of her own child. Later when Moses was old enough, she took him to Pharʹaoh’s daughter, who adopted him as her own son. That is how Moses came to grow up in the house of Pharʹaoh.