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Jesus Returns to Heaven

Jesus Returns to Heaven

AS THE days pass, Jesus shows himself to his followers many times. Once about 500 of the disciples see him. When he appears to them, do you know what Jesus talks to them about? The kingdom of God. Jehovah sent Jesus to the earth to teach about the Kingdom. And he keeps on doing this even after he is raised up from the dead.

Do you remember what God’s kingdom is? Yes, the Kingdom is a real government of God in heaven, and Jesus is the One God chose to be king. As we have learned, Jesus showed what a wonderful king he will be by feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and even raising the dead to life!

So when Jesus rules as king in heaven for a thousand years, what will it be like on the earth? Yes, the whole earth will be made into a beautiful paradise. There will be no more wars, or crime, or sickness, or even death. We know this is true because God made the earth to be a paradise for people to enjoy. That is why he made the garden of Eden in the beginning. And Jesus will see to it that what God wants done is finally carried out.

The time now comes for Jesus to go back to heaven. For 40 days Jesus has been showing himself to his disciples. So they are certain that he is alive again. But before he leaves his disciples he tells them: ‘Stay in Jerusalem until you receive holy spirit.’ The holy spirit is God’s active force, like blowing wind, that will help his followers to do God’s will. Finally, Jesus says: ‘You are to preach about me to the most distant parts of the earth.’

After Jesus says this, an amazing thing happens. He begins going up into heaven, as you can see here. Then a cloud hides him from sight, and the disciples don’t see Jesus again. Jesus goes to heaven, and he begins to rule over his followers on earth from there.