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Two Boys Who Live Again

Two Boys Who Live Again

IF YOU died, how would your mother feel if you were brought back to life? She would be very happy! But can a person who has died live again? Has it happened before?

Look at the man here, and the woman and the little boy. The man is the prophet E·liʹjah. The woman is a widow of the city of Zarʹe·phath, and the boy is her son. Well, one day the boy gets sick. He gets worse and worse until he finally dies. E·liʹjah then tells the woman: ‘Give the boy to me.’

E·liʹjah takes the dead child upstairs and lays him on the bed. Then he prays: ‘O Jehovah, make the boy live again.’ And the boy starts to breathe! At that E·liʹjah takes him back downstairs and says to the woman: ‘Look, your son is alive!’ This is why the mother is so happy.

Another important prophet of Jehovah is named E·liʹsha. He serves as E·liʹjah’s helper. But in time Jehovah also uses E·liʹsha to do miracles. One day E·liʹsha goes to the city of Shuʹnem, where a woman is very kind to him. Later this woman has a baby boy.

One morning, after the child has grown older, he goes out to join his father who is working in the field. Suddenly the boy cries out: ‘My head hurts!’ After he is taken home, the boy dies. How sad his mother is! Right away she goes and gets E·liʹsha.

When E·liʹsha arrives, he goes into the room with the dead child. He prays to Jehovah, and lies down over the body. Soon the boy’s body becomes warm, and he sneezes seven times. How happy his mother is when she comes in and finds her boy alive!

Many, many people have died. This has made their families and friends very sad. We don’t have the power to raise the dead. But Jehovah does. Later we will learn how he will bring many millions of people back to life.