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God Promises a Paradise

God Promises a Paradise

THIS is a picture of a paradise such as God may have shown to his prophet Isaiah. Isaiah lived shortly after Joʹnah did.

Paradise means “garden” or “park.” Does it remind you of something we have already seen in this book? It looks much like the beautiful garden that Jehovah God made for Adam and Eve, doesn’t it? But will the whole earth ever be a paradise?

Jehovah told his prophet Isaiah to write about the coming new paradise for God’s people. He said: ‘Wolves and sheep will live together in peace. Young calves and baby lions will feed together, and little children will take care of them. Even a baby will not be harmed if it plays near a poisonous snake.’

‘This can never happen,’ many will say. ‘There has always been trouble on earth, and there always will be.’ But think about it: What kind of home did God give Adam and Eve?

God put Adam and Eve in a paradise. It is only because they disobeyed God that they lost their beautiful home, grew old and died. God promises that he will give people who love him the very things that Adam and Eve lost.

In the coming new paradise nothing will hurt or destroy. There will be perfect peace. All people will be healthy and happy. It will be just as God wanted it to be at the beginning. But we will learn later how God will bring this about.