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Why Moses Ran Away

Why Moses Ran Away

LOOK at Moses running away from Egypt. Can you see the men chasing him? Do you know why they want to kill Moses? Let’s see if we can find out.

Moses grew up in the house of Pharʹaoh, the ruler of Egypt. He became a very wise and great man. Moses knew that he was not an Egyptian, but that his real parents were Israelite slaves.

One day, when he was 40 years old, Moses decided to go to see how his people were getting along. It was terrible how they were being treated. He saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite slave. Moses looked around, and when he didn’t see anybody watching, he hit the Egyptian, and the Egyptian died. Then Moses hid his body in the sand.

The next day Moses went out to see his people again. He thought he could help them so they wouldn’t have to be slaves anymore. But he saw two Israelite men fighting, so Moses said to the one who was in the wrong: ‘Why are you beating up your brother?’

The man said: ‘Who made you our ruler and judge? Are you going to kill me just as you killed that Egyptian?’

Moses now became afraid. He knew that people had found out what he had done to the Egyptian. Even Pharʹaoh heard about it, and he sent men to kill Moses. That is why Moses had to run away from Egypt.

When Moses left Egypt, he went far away to the land of Midʹi·an. There he met the family of Jethʹro, and married one of his daughters named Zip·poʹrah. Moses became a shepherd and took care of Jethʹro’s sheep. For 40 years he lived in the land of Midʹi·an. He was now 80 years of age. Then one day, while Moses was taking care of Jethro’s sheep, an amazing thing happened that changed Moses’ whole life. Turn the page, and let’s see what this amazing thing is.