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Two Brave Women

Two Brave Women

WHEN the Israelites get into trouble, they cry out to Jehovah. Jehovah answers them by giving brave leaders to help them. The Bible calls these leaders judges. Joshua was the first judge, and some of the judges after him were named Othʹni·el, Eʹhud and Shamʹgar. But two of the people who help Israel are women named Debʹo·rah and Jaʹel.

Debʹo·rah is a prophetess. Jehovah gives her information about the future, and then she tells the people what Jehovah says. Debʹo·rah is also a judge. She sits under a certain palm tree in the hill country, and people come to her to get help with their problems.

At this time Jaʹbin is the king of Caʹnaan. He has 900 war chariots. His army is so strong that many of the Israelites have been forced to become servants of Jaʹbin. The chief of King Jaʹbin’s army is named Sisʹe·ra.

One day Debʹo·rah sends for Judge Baʹrak, and tells him: ‘Jehovah has said: “Take 10,000 men and lead them to Mount Taʹbor. There I will bring Sisʹe·ra to you. And I will give you victory over him and his army.”’

Baʹrak tells Debʹo·rah: ‘I will go if you too will go with me.’ Debʹo·rah goes along, but she says to Baʹrak: ‘You won’t get credit for the victory, because Jehovah will give Sisʹe·ra into the hand of a woman.’ And this is what happens.

Baʹrak goes down from Mount Taʹbor to meet Sisʹe·ra’s soldiers. Suddenly Jehovah causes a flood, and many of the enemy soldiers are drowned. But Sisʹe·ra gets off his chariot and runs away.

After awhile Sisʹe·ra comes to the tent of Jaʹel. She invites him in, and gives him some milk. This makes him sleepy, and soon he is fast asleep. Then Jaʹel takes a tent pin and drives it into this bad man’s head. Later, when Baʹrak comes, she shows him the dead Sisʹe·ra! So you can see that what Debʹo·rah said came true.

Finally King Jaʹbin is killed too, and the Israelites have peace again for awhile.