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In an Upstairs Room

In an Upstairs Room

IT IS Thursday night now, two days later. Jesus and his 12 apostles have come to this large upstairs room to eat the Passover meal. The man you see leaving is Judas Is·carʹi·ot. He is going to tell the priests how they can get Jesus.

Just the day before, Judas went to them and asked: ‘What will you give me if I help you catch Jesus?’ They said: ‘Thirty silver coins.’ So Judas is now going to meet these men so that he can lead them to Jesus. Isn’t that terrible?

The Passover meal is finished. But Jesus now begins another special meal. He hands his apostles a loaf of bread and says: ‘Eat it, because this means my body which is to be given for you.’ Then he hands them a glass of wine and says: ‘Drink it, because this means my blood, which is to be poured out for you.’ The Bible calls this ‘the Lord’s evening meal,’ or the ‘Lord’s supper.’

The Israelites ate the Passover to remind them of when God’s angel ‘passed over’ their houses in Egypt, but killed the firstborn in the houses of the Egyptians. But now Jesus wants his followers to remember him, and how he gave his life for them. And that is why he tells them to celebrate this special meal each year.

After eating the Lord’s Evening Meal, Jesus tells his apostles to be brave and strong in faith. Finally, they sing songs to God and then leave. It is very late now, probably past midnight. Let’s see where they go.