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The First Man and Woman

The First Man and Woman

WHAT is different in this picture? Yes, it is the people in it. They are the first man and woman. Who made them? It was God. Do you know his name? It is Jehovah. And the man and woman came to be called Adam and Eve.

This is how Jehovah God made Adam. He took some dust from the ground and with it he formed a perfect body, a man’s body. Then he blew into the man’s nose, and Adam came to life.

Jehovah God had a job for Adam. He told Adam to name all the different kinds of animals. Adam may have watched the animals for a long time so he could pick the best names for them all. While Adam was naming the animals he began to see something. Do you know what that was?

The animals all had mates. There were papa elephants and mama elephants, and there were papa lions and mama lions. But Adam had no one to be his mate. So Jehovah made Adam fall into a deep sleep, and he took a rib bone from his side. Using this rib, Jehovah made a woman for Adam, and she became his wife.

How happy Adam was now! And think how happy Eve must have been to be put in such a beautiful garden to live! Now they could have children and live together in happiness.

Jehovah wanted Adam and Eve to live forever. He wanted them to make the whole earth as pretty as the garden of Eden. How happy Adam and Eve must have been when they thought about doing this! Would you have liked to share in making the earth a pretty garden? But the happiness of Adam and Eve did not last. Let’s find out why.