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Israel’s First King to Captivity in Babylon

Israel’s First King to Captivity in Babylon

Saul became Israel’s first king. But Jehovah rejected him, and David was chosen to be king in his place. We find out many things about David. As a youth, he fought the giant Goliath. Later he fled from jealous King Saul. Then beautiful Abigail stopped him from doing a foolish thing.

Next, we learn many things about David’s son Solomon, who took David’s place as king of Israel. The first three kings of Israel each ruled for 40 years. After Solomon’s death, Israel was divided into two kingdoms, a northern and a southern kingdom.

The northern 10-tribe kingdom lasted 257 years before it was destroyed by the Assyrians. Then 133 years later, the southern two-tribe kingdom was also destroyed. At this time the Israelites were taken captive to Babylon. So Part FOUR covers 510 years of history, during which time many exciting events pass before our view.




Saul​—Israel’s First King

At first chosen by God and later rejected by him, Saul can teach us a valuable lesson.


God Chooses David

What does God see in David that the prophet Samuel does not?


David and Goliath

David fought Goliath, not merely with his sling, but with a far more powerful weapon.


Why David Must Run Away

Saul was at first pleased with David, but developed murderous jealousy toward him. Why?


Abigail and David

Abigail calls her husband a fool, yet this saves his life—temporarily.


David Is Made King

David proves that he is qualified to be king of Israel by both what he does and what he refuses to do.


Trouble in David’s House

With one bad mistake, David brings calamity on himself and his family for years.


Wise King Solomon

Was he really going to cut the baby in half?


Solomon Builds the Temple

Despite being very wise, Solomon was persuaded to do something foolish and wrong.


The Kingdom Is Divided

As soon as Jeroboam began ruling, he led the people into breaking God’s law.


Jezebel​—A Wicked Queen

She would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.


Jehoshaphat Trusts Jehovah

Why would an army go to battle with unarmed singers leading the way?


Two Boys Who Live Again

Can someone who has died be brought back to life? It has happened before!


A Girl Helps a Mighty Man

She had the courage to speak up, and it resulted in a miracle.


Jonah and the Big Fish

Jonah learned an important lesson about doing what Jehovah says.


God Promises a Paradise

The first paradise was small; this one will fill the earth.


God Helps King Hezekiah

In one night, an angel kills 185,000 Assyrian soldiers.


Israel’s Last Good King

As a teenager, Josiah took a brave step.


A Man Who Is Not Afraid

Jeremiah thought he was too young to be a prophet, but God knew that he could do it.


Four Boys in Babylon

They succeeded despite being separated from their families.


Jerusalem Is Destroyed

Why does God let Israel’s enemies, the Babylonians, destroy Jerusalem?