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Joshua Becomes Leader

Joshua Becomes Leader

MOSES wants to go into Caʹnaan with the Israelites. So he asks: ‘Let me cross the Jordan River, Jehovah, and see the good land.’ But Jehovah says: ‘That’s enough! Don’t mention this again!’ Do you know why Jehovah said that?

It is because of what happened when Moses struck the rock. Remember, he and Aaron did not honor Jehovah. They didn’t tell the people that it was Jehovah who was bringing water from the rock. For this reason Jehovah said that he would not let them go into Caʹnaan.

So a few months after Aaron dies, Jehovah tells Moses: ‘Take Joshua, and stand him in front of E·le·aʹzar the priest and the people. And there before them all, tell everybody that Joshua is the new leader.’ Moses does just what Jehovah says, as you can see in the picture.

Then Jehovah tells Joshua: ‘Be strong, and do not be afraid. You will lead the Israelites into the land of Caʹnaan that I have promised them, and I will be with you.’

Later Jehovah tells Moses to climb high up to the top of Mount Neʹbo in the land of Moʹab. From up there Moses can look across the Jordan River and see the beautiful land of Caʹnaan. Jehovah says: ‘This is the land that I promised to give to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have let you see it, but I will not let you go into it.’

There on top of Mount Neʹbo Moses dies. He was 120 years of age. He was still strong, and his eyesight was still good. The people are very sad and cry because Moses is dead. But they are happy to have Joshua as their new leader.