Psalm 93:1-5

  • Jehovah’s majestic rulership

    • “Jehovah has become King!” (1)

    • ‘Your reminders are trustworthy’ (5)

93  Jehovah has become King!+ With grandeur he is clothed;Jehovah is clothed with strength;He wears it like a belt. The earth* is firmly established;It cannot be moved.*   Your throne was firmly established long ago;+From eternity you have existed.+   The rivers have surged, O Jehovah,The rivers have surged and roared;The rivers keep surging and pounding.   Above the sound of many waters,Mightier than the breaking waves of the sea,+Jehovah is majestic in the heights.+   Your reminders are very trustworthy.+ Holiness adorns* your house,+ O Jehovah, for all times.


Or “productive land.”
Or “cannot totter.”
Or “befits.”