Psalm 119:1-176

  • Appreciation for God’s precious word

    • ‘How can youths keep a clean path?’ (9)

    • “I am fond of your reminders” (24)

    • “Your word is my hope” (74, 81, 114)

    • “How I do love your law!” (97)

    • “More insight than all my teachers” (99)

    • “Your word is a lamp to my foot” (105)

    • ‘The essence of your word is truth’ (160)

    • Peace for those who love God’s law (165)

א [Aleph] 119  Happy are those who are blameless* in their way,Who walk in the law of Jehovah.+   Happy are those who observe his reminders,+Who search for him with all their heart.+   They practice no unrighteousness;They walk in his ways.+   You have commandedThat your orders be carefully kept.+   If only I could remain steadfast*+So as to observe your regulations!   Then I would not be put to shame+When I consider all your commandments.   I will praise you with an upright heartWhen I learn your righteous judgments.   I will observe your regulations. May you never utterly forsake me. ב [Beth]   How can a young man keep his path clean? By keeping on guard according to your word.+ 10  With my whole heart I seek you. Do not let me stray from your commandments.+ 11  In my heart I treasure up your saying+So that I may not sin against you.+ 12  May you be praised, O Jehovah;Teach me your regulations. 13  With my lips I declareAll the judgments that you have spoken. 14  I rejoice over your reminders+More than over all other valuable things.+ 15  I will ponder over* your orders+And keep my eyes on your paths.+ 16  I am fond of your statutes. I will not forget your word.+ ג [Gimel] 17  Deal kindly with your servant,So that I may live and observe your word.+ 18  Open my eyes so that I may see clearlyThe wonderful things from your law. 19  I am but a foreigner in the land.+ Do not hide your commandments from me. 20  I am* consumed with longingFor your judgments at all times. 21  You rebuke the presumptuous,The cursed ones who stray from your commandments.+ 22  Remove from me* scorn and contempt,For I have observed your reminders. 23  Even when princes sit together and speak against me,Your servant ponders over* your regulations. 24  I am fond of your reminders;+They are my advisers.+ ד [Daleth] 25  I lie* prostrate in the dust.+ Preserve me alive according to your word.+ 26  I told you of my ways, and you answered me;Teach me your regulations.+ 27  Make me understand the meaning* of your orders,So that I may ponder over* your wonderful works.+ 28  I have* been sleepless from grief. Strengthen me according to your word. 29  Remove from me the way of deception,+And favor me with your law. 30  The way of faithfulness I have chosen.+ I recognize that your judgments are right. 31  I cling to your reminders.+ O Jehovah, do not let me be disappointed.*+ 32  I will eagerly pursue* the way of your commandmentsBecause you make room for it in my heart.* ה [He] 33  Teach me, O Jehovah,+ the way of your regulations,And I will follow it to the end.+ 34  Give me understanding,So that I may observe your lawAnd keep it with my whole heart. 35  Guide me* in the pathway of your commandments,+For in it I take delight. 36  Incline my heart to your reminders,Not to selfish gain.*+ 37  Turn my eyes away from looking at what is worthless;+Preserve me alive in your way. 38  Fulfill your promise* to your servant,So that you may be feared.* 39  Remove the disgrace that I dread,For your judgments are good.+ 40  See how I long for your orders. Preserve me alive in your righteousness. ו [Waw] 41  May I experience your loyal love, O Jehovah,+Your salvation in harmony with your promise;*+ 42  Then I will reply to the one taunting me,For I put my trust in your word. 43  Do not utterly remove the word of truth from my mouth,For I have hoped in* your judgment. 44  I will keep your law constantly,Forever and ever.+ 45  And I will walk about in a place of safety,*+For I search for your orders. 46  I will speak about your reminders in front of kings,And I will not be ashamed.+ 47  I am fond of your commandments,Yes, I love them.+ 48  I will raise my hands to your commandments, which I love,+And I will ponder over* your regulations.+ ז [Zayin] 49  Remember your word* to your servant,Through which you give me hope.* 50  This is my comfort in my affliction,+For your saying has preserved me alive. 51  The presumptuous utterly scorn me,But I do not deviate from your law.+ 52  I remember your judgments from of old,+ O Jehovah,And I find comfort in them.+ 53  I am seized with burning rage because of the wicked,Who forsake your law.+ 54  Your regulations are songs to meWherever I dwell.* 55  During the night I remember your name, O Jehovah,+So that I may keep your law. 56  This has been my practiceBecause I have observed your orders. ח [Heth] 57  Jehovah is my portion;+I have promised to keep your words.+ 58  I appeal to you* with all my heart;+Show me favor+ according to your promise.* 59  I have examined my ways,In order to turn my feet back to your reminders.+ 60  I hurry and do not delayTo keep your commandments.+ 61  The ropes of the wicked surround me,But your law I do not forget.+ 62  At midnight I get up to give you thanks+For your righteous judgments. 63  I am a friend of all who fear youAnd of those who keep your orders.+ 64  Your loyal love, O Jehovah, fills the earth;+Teach me your regulations. ט [Teth] 65  You have dealt well with your servant,O Jehovah, according to your word. 66  Teach me good sense and knowledge,+For I have put my trust in your commandments. 67  Before I was afflicted, I used to go astray,*But now I keep your saying.+ 68  You are good+ and your works are good. Teach me your regulations.+ 69  The presumptuous smear me with lies,But I observe your orders with all my heart. 70  Their heart is insensitive,*+But I am fond of your law.+ 71  It is good that I have been afflicted,+So that I may learn your regulations. 72  The law that you have proclaimed is good for me,+More so than thousands of pieces of gold and silver.+ י [Yod] 73  Your hands made me and formed me. Give me understanding,So that I may learn your commandments.+ 74  Those who fear you see me and rejoice,For your word is my hope.*+ 75  I know, O Jehovah, that your judgments are righteous+And that you have afflicted me in your faithfulness.+ 76  May your loyal love+ please comfort me,According to the promise* you made to your servant. 77  Show me mercy, so that I may keep living,+For I am fond of your law.+ 78  May the presumptuous be put to shame,For they wrong me without cause.* But I will ponder over* your orders.+ 79  Let those who fear you return to me,Those who know your reminders. 80  May my heart be blameless in following your regulations,+So that I may not be put to shame.+ כ [Kaph] 81  I long for* your salvation,+For your word is my hope.* 82  My eyes long for your saying+While I say: “When will you comfort me?”+ 83  For I am like a skin bottle dried up in the smoke,But your regulations I do not forget.+ 84  How many days must your servant wait? When will you bring judgment against those persecuting me?+ 85  The presumptuous dig pits for me,Those who defy your law. 86  All your commandments are trustworthy. Men persecute me without cause; help me!+ 87  They almost exterminated me from the earth,But I did not abandon your orders. 88  Preserve me alive because of your loyal love,So that I may keep the reminders you have spoken. ל [Lamed] 89  Forever, O Jehovah,Your word will remain in the heavens.+ 90  Your faithfulness is through all generations.+ You have firmly established the earth, so that it continues to stand.+ 91  By your judgments they* remain until today,For they are all your servants. 92  If I had not been fond of your law,I would have perished in my affliction.+ 93  I will never forget your orders,Because by them you have preserved me alive.+ 94  I belong to you; save me,+Because I have searched for your orders.+ 95  The wicked wait to destroy me,But I give close attention to your reminders. 96  I have seen a limit to all perfection,But your commandment has no limit.* מ [Mem] 97  How I do love your law!+ I ponder over* it all day long.+ 98  Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies,+Because it is with me forever. 99  I have more insight than all my teachers,+Because I ponder over* your reminders. 100  I act with more understanding than older men,Because I observe your orders. 101  I refuse to walk on any evil path,+So that I may keep your word. 102  I do not turn aside from your judgments,For you have instructed me. 103  How sweet your sayings are to my palate,More so than honey to my mouth!+ 104  By your orders I act with understanding.+ That is why I hate every false path.+ נ [Nun] 105  Your word is a lamp to my foot,And a light for my path.+ 106  I have sworn an oath, and I will carry it out,To observe your righteous judgments. 107  I have been greatly afflicted.+ O Jehovah, preserve me alive according to your word.+ 108  Please take pleasure in my voluntary offerings of praise,*+ O Jehovah,And teach me your judgments.+ 109  My life is in constant danger,*But I have not forgotten your law.+ 110  The wicked have set a trap for me,But I have not strayed from your orders.+ 111  I take your reminders as my permanent possession,*For they are the joy of my heart.+ 112  I have resolved* to obey your regulationsAt all times, down to the last. ס [Samekh] 113  I hate the halfhearted ones,*+But I love your law.+ 114  You are my shelter and my shield,+For your word is my hope.*+ 115  Stay away from me, you evil men,+So that I may observe the commandments of my God. 116  Support me as you promised,*+So that I may keep living;Do not let my hope turn into disappointment.*+ 117  Support me that I may be saved;+Then I will always concentrate on your regulations.+ 118  You reject all those who stray from your regulations,+For they are false and deceitful. 119  You discard all the wicked of the earth as if they were worthless dross.+ That is why I love your reminders. 120  The dread of you makes my body* tremble;I am in fear of your judgments. ע [Ayin] 121  I have done what is just and righteous. Do not abandon me to my oppressors! 122  Guarantee the welfare of your servant;May the presumptuous not oppress me. 123  My eyes have grown weary waiting for your salvation+And for your righteous promise.*+ 124  Show your loyal love to your servant,+And teach me your regulations.+ 125  I am your servant; give me understanding,+So that I may know your reminders. 126  The time has come for Jehovah to act,+For they have broken your law. 127  That is why I love your commandmentsMore than gold, even fine* gold.+ 128  Therefore, I consider every instruction* from you to be right;+I hate every false path.+ פ [Pe] 129  Your reminders are wonderful. That is why I observe* them. 130  The disclosure of your words brings light,+Giving understanding to the inexperienced.+ 131  I open my mouth wide and sigh,*Because I long for your commandments.+ 132  Turn to me and show me favor,+In keeping with your judgment toward those loving your name.+ 133  Guide my steps safely* by your saying;May nothing wicked dominate me.+ 134  Rescue* me from oppressive men,And I will keep your orders. 135  Make your face shine* upon your servant,+And teach me your regulations. 136  Tears stream down from my eyesBecause people do not keep your law.+ צ [Tsade] 137  You are righteous, O Jehovah,+And your judgments are fair.+ 138  The reminders you give are righteousAnd completely reliable. 139  My zeal consumes me,+Because my adversaries have forgotten your words. 140  Your saying is thoroughly refined,+And your servant loves it.+ 141  I am insignificant and despised;+Yet, I have not forgotten your orders. 142  Your righteousness is an eternal righteousness,+And your law is truth.+ 143  Though distress and difficulty come upon me,I remain fond of your commandments. 144  The righteousness of your reminders is eternal. Give me understanding,+ so that I may keep living. ק [Qoph] 145  I call with my whole heart. Answer me, O Jehovah. Your regulations I will observe. 146  I call on you; save me! I will keep your reminders. 147  I have been awake before dawn* to cry for help,+For your words are my hope.* 148  My eyes open before the night watches,So that I can ponder over* your saying.+ 149  Do listen to my voice because of your loyal love.+ O Jehovah, preserve me alive according to your justice. 150  Those who engage in shameful conduct* come near;They are far away from your law. 151  You are near, O Jehovah,+And all your commandments are truth.+ 152  Long ago I learned about your reminders,That you have established them to last forever.+ ר [Resh] 153  Look on my affliction and rescue me,+For I have not forgotten your law. 154  Defend me* and rescue me;+Preserve me alive in harmony with your promise.* 155  Salvation is far away from the wicked,For they have not searched for your regulations.+ 156  Your mercy is great, O Jehovah.+ Preserve me alive in harmony with your justice. 157  My persecutors and my adversaries are many;+But I have not deviated from your reminders. 158  I look on the treacherous with loathing,Because they do not keep your saying.+ 159  See how I love your orders! O Jehovah, preserve me alive because of your loyal love.+ 160  The very essence of your word is truth,+And all your righteous judgments endure forever. ש [Sin] or [Shin] 161  Princes persecute me+ for no cause,But my heart stands in awe of your words.+ 162  I rejoice over your saying+Like someone who finds great spoil. 163  I hate falsehood—I detest it+I love your law.+ 164  Seven times a day I praise youBecause of your righteous judgments. 165  Abundant peace belongs to those who love your law;+Nothing can make them stumble.* 166  I hope for your acts of salvation, O Jehovah,And I observe your commandments. 167  I keep* your reminders,And I love them dearly.+ 168  I observe your orders and your reminders,For you are aware of all that I do.+ ת [Taw] 169  May my cry for help reach you, O Jehovah.+ According to your word, make me understand.+ 170  May my request for favor come before you. Save me, as you have promised.* 171  May my lips overflow with praise,+For you teach me your regulations. 172  May my tongue sing about your saying,+For all your commandments are righteous. 173  May your hand be ready to help me,+Because I choose to obey your orders.+ 174  I long for your salvation, O Jehovah,And I am fond of your law.+ 175  Let me* live so that I may praise you;+May your judgments be my help. 176  I have strayed like a lost sheep.+ Search for your servant,For I have not forgotten your commandments.+


Or “who keep integrity.”
Lit., “O that my ways were firmly established.”
Or “study.”
Or “My soul is.”
Lit., “Roll away from upon me.”
Or “studies.”
Or “My soul lies.”
Lit., “way.”
Or “study.”
Or “My soul has.”
Or “be put to shame.”
Lit., “will run.”
Or possibly, “you make my heart have the confidence.”
Or “Make me walk.”
Or “to profits.”
Or “saying.”
Or possibly, “Which is made to those who fear you.”
Or “saying.”
Or “I wait for.”
Or “a roomy place.”
Or “study.”
Or “promise.”
Or “For which you made me wait.”
Or “In the house where I dwell as a foreigner.”
Or “I soften (seek the smile of) your face.”
Or “saying.”
Or “I was sinning by mistake.”
Lit., “unfeeling, like fat.”
Or “I wait for your word.”
Or “saying.”
Or possibly, “with lies.”
Or “study.”
Or “My soul pines for.”
Or “I wait for your word.”
That is, all his creative works.
Lit., “is very broad.”
Or “study.”
Or “study.”
Lit., “the voluntary offerings of my mouth.”
Or “My soul is in my hand constantly.”
Or “my eternal heritage.”
Lit., “have inclined my heart.”
Or “men of divided heart.”
Or “I wait for your word.”
Or “according to your saying.”
Or “be put to shame.”
Lit., “flesh.”
Or “saying.”
Or “refined.”
Or “order.”
Or “my soul observes.”
Lit., “pant.”
Or “Make my steps steady.”
Lit., “Redeem.”
Or “smile.”
Or “in the morning twilight.”
Or “I wait for your words.”
Or “study.”
Or “in obscene conduct.”
Or “Conduct my legal case.”
Or “saying.”
Or “For them there is no stumbling block.”
Or “My soul keeps.”
Or “according to your saying.”
Or “my soul.”