Psalm 6:1-10

  • A request for favor

    • The dead do not praise God (5)

    • God hears requests for favor (9)

To the director; to be accompanied with stringed instruments tuned to Shemʹi·nith.* A melody of David. 6  O Jehovah, do not reprove me in your anger,And do not correct me in your rage.+   Show me favor,* O Jehovah, for I am growing weak. Heal me, O Jehovah,+ for my bones are shaking.   Yes, I am* greatly disturbed,+And I ask you, O Jehovah—how long will it be?+   Return, O Jehovah, and rescue me;*+Save me for the sake of your loyal love.+   For in death there is no mention* of you;In the Grave,* who will praise you?+   I have grown weary with my sighing;+All night long I soak my bed with tears;*I flood my couch with weeping.+   My eye is weak from my grief;+It has dimmed* because of all those harassing me.   Get away from me, all you who behave wickedly,For Jehovah will hear the sound of my weeping.+   Jehovah will hear my request for favor;+Jehovah will accept my prayer. 10  All my enemies will be put to shame and dismayed;They will fall back in sudden disgrace.+


Or “mercy.”
Or “my soul is.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “remembrance.”
Or “Sheol,” that is, the common grave of mankind. See Glossary.
Lit., “make my bed swim.”
Or “grown old.”