Psalm 99:1-9

  • Jehovah, the holy King

    • Enthroned above the cherubs (1)

    • A God who pardons and punishes (8)

99  Jehovah has become King.+ Let the peoples tremble. He sits enthroned above* the cherubs.+ Let the earth shake.   Jehovah is great in Zion,And he is high over all the peoples.+   Let them praise your great name,+For it is awe-inspiring and holy.   He is a mighty king who loves justice.+ You have firmly established what is upright. You have brought about justice and righteousness+ in Jacob.   Exalt Jehovah our God+ and bow down* at his footstool;+He is holy.+   Moses and Aaron were among his priests,+And Samuel was among those calling on his name.+ They would call to Jehovah,And he would answer them.+   He would speak to them from the pillar of cloud.+ They kept his reminders and the decree that he gave to them.+   O Jehovah our God, you answered them.+ You were a God who pardoned them,+But you punished* them for their sinful deeds.+   Exalt Jehovah our God+And bow down* before his holy mountain,+For Jehovah our God is holy.+


Or possibly, “between.”
Or “worship.”
Lit., “executed vengeance against.”
Or “worship.”