Psalm 143:1-12

  • Thirsting for God like a parched land

    • ‘I ponder over your works’ (5)

    • “Teach me to do your will” (10)

    • ‘May your good spirit lead me’ (10)

A melody of David. 143  O Jehovah, hear my prayer;+Listen to my plea for help. In your faithfulness and in your righteousness, answer me.   Do not enter into judgment with your servant,For no one living can be righteous before you.+   For the enemy pursues me;*He has crushed my life into the ground. He has caused me to dwell in darkness like those long dead.   My spirit* is failing;+My heart is numb within me.+   I remember the days of old;I meditate on all your activity;+I eagerly ponder over* the work of your hands.   I spread out my hands to you;I am* like a parched land that thirsts for you.+ (Selah)   Do answer me quickly, O Jehovah;+My strength* has come to an end.+ Do not hide your face from me,+Or I will be like those going down into the pit.*+   Let me hear your loyal love in the morning,For I trust in you. Make known to me the way I should walk,+For to you I turn.*   Rescue me from my enemies, O Jehovah. I seek your protection.+ 10  Teach me to do your will,+For you are my God. Your spirit is good;May it lead me on level ground.* 11  For the sake of your name, O Jehovah, preserve me alive. In your righteousness, rescue me* from distress.+ 12  In your loyal love, put an end to* my enemies;+Destroy all those harassing me,*+For I am your servant.+


Or “my soul.”
Or “strength.”
Or “study.”
Or “My soul is.”
Or “grave.”
Lit., “spirit.”
Or “For I lift up my soul to you.”
Or “in the land of uprightness.”
Or “my soul.”
Lit., “silence.”
Or “my soul.”