Psalm 5:1-12

  • Jehovah, the refuge of the righteous

    • God hates wickedness (4, 5)

    • ‘Lead me in your righteousness’ (8)

To the director for Neʹhi·loth.* A melody of David. 5  Listen to my words, O Jehovah;+Be attentive to my sighing.   Pay attention to my cry for help,O my King and my God, because to you I pray.   O Jehovah, you will hear my voice in the morning;+In the morning I will express my concern to you+ and wait expectantly.   For you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness;+No one bad may remain with you.+   No arrogant person may stand in your presence. You hate all those who behave wickedly;+   You will destroy those who speak lies.+ Jehovah detests violent and deceptive people.*+   But I will come into your house+ because of your great loyal love;+I will bow down toward your holy temple* in reverential fear of you.+   Lead me, O Jehovah, in your righteousness because of my foes;Make your way clear for me.+   For nothing they say can be trusted;Within them is nothing but malice;Their throat is an open grave;They flatter with their tongue.*+ 10  But God will declare them guilty;Their own schemes will cause their downfall.+ May they be driven away because of their many transgressions,For they have rebelled against you. 11  But all those who take refuge in you will rejoice;+They will always shout joyfully. You will block approach to them,And those loving your name will rejoice in you. 12  For you will bless anyone righteous, O Jehovah;You will surround them with approval as with a large shield.+


Or “a man of bloodshed and deception.”
Or “sanctuary.”
Or “They use a smooth tongue.”