Psalm 36:1-12

  • God’s precious loyal love

    • The wicked one does not fear God (1)

    • God, the source of life (9)

    • “By your light we can see light” (9)

To the director. Of Jehovah’s servant, David. 36  Transgression speaks to the wicked one deep within his heart;There is no fear of God before his eyes.+   For in his own eyes he flatters himself too muchTo detect and hate his error.+   The words of his mouth are hurtful and deceptive;He shows no insight for doing what is good.   He plots hurtful schemes even on his bed. He is set on a path that is not good;He does not reject what is bad.   O Jehovah, your loyal love reaches to the heavens,+Your faithfulness up to the clouds.   Your righteousness is like majestic mountains;*+Your judgments are like vast, deep waters.+ Man and beast you preserve,* O Jehovah.+   How precious your loyal love is, O God!+ In the shadow of your wings, the sons of men take refuge.+   They drink their fill of the rich bounty* of your house,+And you cause them to drink of the torrent of your delights.+   With you is the source of life;+By your light we can see light.+ 10  Continue showing your loyal love to those who know you,+And your righteousness, to the upright in heart.+ 11  Do not let the foot of the haughty tread on meOr the hand of the wicked drive me away. 12  There the wrongdoers have fallen;They have been knocked down and cannot get up.+


Lit., “like mountains of God.”
Or “save.”
Lit., “the fatness.”