Psalm 25:1-22

  • A prayer for guidance and forgiveness

    • “Teach me your paths” (4)

    • “Close friendship with Jehovah” (14)

    • “Pardon all my sins” (18)

Of David. א [Aleph] 25  To you, O Jehovah, I turn.* ב [Beth]   My God, I trust in you;+Do not let me be put to shame.+ Do not let my enemies gloat over me.+ ג [Gimel]   Surely none who hope in you will be put to shame,+But shame awaits those who are treacherous without cause.+ ד [Daleth]   Make me know your ways, O Jehovah;+Teach me your paths.+ ה [He]   Cause me to walk in your truth and teach me,+For you are my God of salvation. ו [Waw] In you I hope all day long. ז [Zayin]   Remember your mercy, O Jehovah, and your loyal love,+Which you have always shown.*+ ח [Heth]   Do not remember the sins of my youth and my transgressions. Remember me according to your loyal love,+For the sake of your goodness, O Jehovah.+ ט [Teth]   Good and upright is Jehovah.+ That is why he instructs sinners in the way to live.+ י [Yod]   He will guide the meek in what is right,*+And he will teach the meek ones his way.+ כ [Kaph] 10  All the paths of Jehovah are loyal love and faithfulnessFor those observing his covenant+ and his reminders.+ ל [Lamed] 11  For the sake of your name, O Jehovah,+Forgive my error, though it is great. מ [Mem] 12  Who is the man fearing Jehovah?+ He will instruct him about the way he should choose.+ נ [Nun] 13  He* will experience what is good,+And his descendants* will take possession of the earth.+ ס [Samekh] 14  Close friendship with Jehovah belongs to those who fear him,+And he makes his covenant known to them.+ ע [Ayin] 15  My eyes are always toward Jehovah,+For he will free my feet from the net.+ פ [Pe] 16  Turn your face to me and show me favor,For I am alone and helpless. צ [Tsade] 17  The distresses of my heart have multiplied;+Free me from my anguish. ר [Resh] 18  See my affliction and my trouble,+And pardon all my sins.+ 19  See how numerous my enemies areAnd how violent their hatred is for me. ש [Shin] 20  Guard my life* and save me.+ Do not let me be put to shame, for I have taken refuge in you. ת [Taw] 21  May integrity and uprightness safeguard me,+For my hope is in you.+ 22  O God, rescue* Israel out of all his distresses.


Or “I raise my soul.”
Or “Which are from ancient times.”
Lit., “in judgment.”
Or “His soul.”
Lit., “seed.”
Or “my soul.”
Lit., “redeem.”