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Why Make a Dedication and Get Baptized?

Why Make a Dedication and Get Baptized?

You dedicate yourself to Jehovah by promising him in a prayer that you will worship only him and put his will first in your life. (Psalm 40:8) Afterward, you get baptized. By doing so, you show others that you have made a dedication. The decision to dedicate ourselves to Jehovah is the most important one we will ever make. What may motivate you to make such a serious and life-changing decision?

1. What motivates someone to make a dedication?

Our dedication to Jehovah is motivated by love. (1 John 4:10, 19) The Bible urges us: “Love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind and with your whole strength.” (Mark 12:30) We show that we love God not only by what we say but also by what we do. Just as a couple who truly love each other get married, so our love for Jehovah motivates us to dedicate ourselves to him and get baptized.

2. What blessings does Jehovah offer to his baptized Witnesses?

When you get baptized, you will become a member of Jehovah’s happy family. You will then experience his love for you in many ways, and you will draw even closer to him than you are today. (Read Malachi 3:16-18.) In addition to having Jehovah as your Father, you will have a spiritual family of brothers and sisters around the world who love him and love you. (Read Mark 10:29, 30.) Of course, you must take certain steps before you get baptized. You need to learn about Jehovah, to love him, and to put faith in his Son. Finally, you must dedicate your life to Jehovah. If you take those steps and then get baptized, you will be on the path to enjoying life forever. God’s Word says: “Baptism . . . is also now saving you.”​—1 Peter 3:21.


Examine why it is important for you to make a dedication to Jehovah and get baptized.

3. We all must choose whom we will serve

In ancient Israel, some people thought that they could worship both Jehovah and the false god Baal. But Jehovah sent his prophet Elijah to correct this wrong idea. Read 1 Kings 18:21, and then discuss this question:

  • What choice did the Israelites have to make?

Like the Israelites, we too must choose whom we will serve. Read Luke 16:13, and then discuss these questions:

  • Why can we not worship both Jehovah and someone or something else?

  • How do we show Jehovah that we choose to worship him?

4. Meditate on Jehovah’s love for you

Jehovah has given us many precious gifts. What can we give to him? Play the VIDEO.

What are some ways in which Jehovah has shown love to you? Read Psalm 104:14, 15 and 1 John 4:9, 10, and then discuss these questions:

  • What gifts from Jehovah are you especially grateful for?

  • How do those gifts make you feel about him?

When we receive a gift that we really like, we want to show appreciation to the one who gave it to us. Read Deuteronomy 16:17, and then discuss this question:

  • When you consider everything that Jehovah has done for you, what are you moved to give to him?

5. Dedication brings many blessings

Many people believe that fame, a good career, or money will make them happy. Is that true? Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the questions that follow.

  • Although the athlete in the video loved playing soccer, why did he leave that career?

  • He decided to dedicate himself, not to soccer, but to Jehovah. Do you think he made the right decision? Why?

Before the apostle Paul became a Christian, he was pursuing a prominent career. He had studied Jewish law with a famous teacher. But he left that behind in order to become a Christian. Did Paul have any regrets? Read Philippians 3:8, and then discuss these questions:

  • Why did Paul say that what he did before he became a Christian was “a lot of refuse,” or garbage?

  • What did he gain instead?

  • How would you compare serving Jehovah to any other way you could use your life?

When Paul became a Christian, he gained far more than he gave up

SOME PEOPLE SAY: “It’s unreasonable to devote your life to God.”

  • Why do you think it makes sense to dedicate yourself to Jehovah?


Love moves us to dedicate ourselves to Jehovah and get baptized.


  • Why does Jehovah deserve our wholehearted love and worship?

  • How does Jehovah reward his baptized Witnesses?

  • Would you like to dedicate yourself to Jehovah?



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