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Your Loved Ones Can Live Again!

Your Loved Ones Can Live Again!

Death causes much grief and sadness. That is why the Bible calls death an enemy. (1 Corinthians 15:26) In Lesson 27, you learned that Jehovah will defeat that enemy. But what will happen to the people who have already died? In this lesson, you will learn more about another wonderful promise of Jehovah​—he will bring billions of people back to enjoy life forever. He will resurrect them! Can that really happen? Will they be resurrected to live in heaven or on earth?

1. What does Jehovah want to do for our loved ones who have died?

Jehovah longs to bring people who have died back to life. A man of faith named Job was confident that God would not forget him when he died. He said to God: “You will call, and I will answer you [from the Grave].”​—Read Job 14:13-15.

2. How do we know that the dead can be resurrected?

When Jesus was on earth, God gave him the power to resurrect people. Jesus raised a 12-year-old girl and a widow’s son back to life. (Mark 5:41, 42; Luke 7:12-15) Later, Jesus’ friend Lazarus died. Although Lazarus had been dead and buried for four days, Jesus brought him back to life. After praying to God, Jesus simply cried out toward the tomb: “Lazarus, come out!” And “the man who had been dead came out”​—alive! (John 11:43, 44) Imagine how happy Lazarus’ family and friends were!

3. What hope is there for your loved ones who have died?

The Bible promises: “There is going to be a resurrection.” (Acts 24:15) Those whom Jesus resurrected in the past had not gone to heaven. (John 3:13) They were happy to be brought back to life right here on earth. Likewise, Jesus will soon resurrect billions to enjoy life forever on a paradise earth. He said that “all those in the memorial tombs”​—even those who may seem to be forgotten but are in God’s memory—​will be resurrected.​—John 5:28, 29.


Examine the evidence from the Bible that the dead can and will be resurrected. Learn how the resurrection can bring you comfort and give you hope.

4. Jesus proved that he can resurrect the dead

Learn more about what Jesus did for his friend Lazarus. Read John 11:14, 38-44, and then discuss these questions:

  • How do we know that Lazarus was really dead?​—See verse 39.

  • If Lazarus had gone to heaven, do you think that Jesus would have brought him back to life on earth?

Play the VIDEO.

5. Many will be resurrected!

Read Psalm 37:29, and then discuss this question:

  • Where will the billions who will be resurrected live?

Jesus will resurrect many more than just the ones who worshipped Jehovah. Read Acts 24:15, and then discuss this question:

  • Whom would you like to see come back to life?

Think of this: Jesus can resurrect someone as easily as a father can wake his child from sleep

6. The resurrection can bring you comfort and give you hope

The Bible account of Jairus’ daughter has comforted and encouraged many who grieve. Read that true story at Luke 8:40-42, 49-56.

Before resurrecting Jairus’ daughter, Jesus told her father: “Have no fear, only have faith.” (See verse 50.) How might the hope of the resurrection help you . . .

  • when a loved one dies?

  • when your life is in danger?

Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the question that follows.

  • How has the resurrection hope comforted and encouraged Phelicity’s parents?

SOME PEOPLE SAY: “The idea of a resurrection sounds too good to be true.”

  • What do you think?

  • What scripture could you use to show that there is going to be a resurrection?


The Bible promises that billions who have died will be resurrected. Jehovah wants them to live again, and he has given Jesus the power to resurrect them.


  • How do Jehovah and Jesus feel about bringing the dead back to life?

  • Where will billions of resurrected people live​—in heaven or on earth? Why do you say so?

  • What convinces you that your loved ones can live again?



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