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Section 3 Review

Section 3 Review

Discuss the following questions with your teacher:

  1. Read Proverbs 27:11.

    • Why do you want to be loyal to Jehovah?

      (See Lesson 34.)

  2. How can you make good decisions when the Bible does not provide a specific command?

    (See Lesson 35.)

  3. How can you be honest in all things?

    (See Lesson 36.)

  4. Read Matthew 6:33.

    • How can you keep “seeking first the Kingdom” when it comes to work and money?

      (See Lesson 37.)

  5. What are some ways you can show that you value life as Jehovah does?

    (See Lesson 38.)

  6. Read Acts 15:29.

    • How can you obey Jehovah’s command regarding blood?

    • Do you feel his requirements are reasonable?

      (See Lesson 39.)

  7. Read 2 Corinthians 7:1.

    • What does it mean to be physically and morally clean?

      (See Lesson 40.)

  8. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10.

    • What is the Bible’s view of sex? Do you agree with it?

    • What direction does the Bible give about the use of alcohol?

      (See Lessons 41 and 43.)

  9. Read Matthew 19:4-6, 9.

    • What is God’s standard for marriage?

    • Why must marriages and divorces be legally registered?

      (See Lesson 42.)

  10. What are some celebrations and holidays that displease Jehovah, and why?

    (See Lesson 44.)

  11. Read John 17:16 and Acts 5:29.

    • How can you be neutral?

    • If there is a conflict between human law and God’s law, what would you do?

      (See Lesson 45.)

  12. Read Mark 12:30.

    • How can you show that you love Jehovah?

      (See Lessons 46 and 47.)