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How Can the Bible Help You?

How Can the Bible Help You?

Nearly all of us have questions about life, suffering, death, and the future. We are also concerned about day-to-day matters, such as making a living or having a happy family. Many people find that the Bible not only helps them answer life’s big questions but also gives them practical advice for daily living. Do you think that the Bible can help anyone you know?

1. What are some questions that the Bible answers?

The Bible answers these important questions: How did life begin? Why are we here? Why do innocent people suffer? What happens when a person dies? If everyone wants peace, why is there so much war? What will happen to the earth in the future? The Bible encourages us to seek answers to such questions, and millions have found its answers very satisfying.

2. How can the Bible help us to enjoy our daily life?

The Bible gives us good advice. For example, it teaches families how to be truly happy. It offers advice on how to deal with stress and how to enjoy our work. You will learn what the Bible teaches about these topics and much more as we discuss this material together. You may come to agree that “all Scripture [everything in the Bible] is . . . beneficial.”​—2 Timothy 3:16.

This publication does not replace the Bible. Rather, it encourages you to examine the Bible for yourself. Therefore, we urge you to read the scriptures that are listed in these lessons and compare them with what you are learning.


Consider how the Bible has helped people, how you can enjoy reading it, and why it is good to get help to understand it.

3. The Bible can guide us

The Bible is like a powerful light. We can use the Bible to show us how to make good decisions and to help us see what lies ahead.

Read Psalm 119:105, and then discuss these questions:

  • How did the writer of this psalm view the Bible?

  • How do you view the Bible?

4. The Bible can answer our questions

One woman found that the Bible provided answers to questions that had troubled her for many years. Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the questions that follow.

  • In the video, what sort of questions did this woman have?

  • How did studying the Bible help her?

The Bible encourages us to ask questions. Read Matthew 7:7, and then discuss the following:

  • What questions do you have that the Bible may be able to answer?

5. You can enjoy reading the Bible

Many people enjoy reading the Bible and are benefiting from it. Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the questions that follow.

  • In the video, how did the young people feel about reading in general?

  • Why do they now feel differently about reading the Bible?

The Bible says it can give us instruction that comforts us and gives us hope. Read Romans 15:4, and then discuss this question:

  • Does the Bible’s promise of comfort and hope interest you?

6. Others can help us to understand the Bible

In addition to reading the Bible on their own, many have found that discussing it with others is helpful. Read Acts 8:26-31, and then discuss this question:

The Ethiopian man needed help to understand the Scriptures. Many people today find it helpful to discuss the Bible with others

SOME PEOPLE SAY: “Studying the Bible is a waste of time.”

  • What would you say? Why?


The Bible offers advice for daily life, answers important questions, and gives people comfort and hope.


  • What kind of advice can we find in the Bible?

  • What are some questions that the Bible answers?

  • What would you like to learn from the Bible?



Consider how the Bible’s advice is practical today.

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