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Media for Section 4

Media for Section 4

 48 Choose Your Friends Wisely

Learn to Reject Bad Association (6:17)

Find Friends in Unexpected Places (5:06)

What’s a Real Friend? (4:14)


Be Social-Network Smart (4:12)

 49 How Can Your Family Be Happy?​—Part 1

Husbands, Love Your Wife as Yourself (9:53)

How to Strengthen the Marriage Bond (5:44)


Truly in Love (4:26)

The Bible Saved Our Marriage (7:12)

 50 How Can Your Family Be Happy?​—Part 2

Safeguard Your Children From Evil (2:58)

Protect Your Children (1:52)

How Can I Talk to My Parents? (2:19)


Taught by Jehovah to Raise Our Family (5:58)

 51 How Can You Please Jehovah With Your Speech?

Love and Respect Unite Families (3:08)


Develop the Tongue of the Wise Ones (8:04)

How Can I Stop the Gossip? (2:36)

 52 Why Our Clothing and Appearance Matter

“Do All Things for God’s Glory” (10:18)


 53 Choose Entertainment That Pleases Jehovah

What Entertainment Should I Choose? (4:39)

What Controls Your Time? (2:45)


 54 The Role of “the Faithful and Discreet Slave”

Jehovah Organizes His People (6:18)

Focused on the Preaching Work (1:24)


Producing Accurate Publications (17:18)

A Cherished Privilege (7:04)

Jehovah Is Teaching His People (9:39)

 55 Support Your Local Congregation

‘A Gift in Hand to Jehovah’ (4:47)

Caring for Our Places of Worship (3:31)


Distributing Bible Literature in Congo (4:25)

 56 Maintain Unity in the Congregation

Making Peace Brings Blessings (6:01)

Become More Beautiful! (5:10)


Remove the Rafter (6:56)

 57 What if You Commit a Serious Sin?

Loyally Uphold Jehovah’s Judgments (9:28)


Never Doubt Jehovah’s Mercy (5:02)

 58 Remain Loyal to Jehovah

Get Out of Babylon the Great! (5:06)


Beware of Deceit (9:32)

 59 You Can Endure Persecution

Jehovah Took Us In (5:13)

Showing Courage Despite Persecution (6:27)

Jehovah God Will Strengthen Me (3:40)


Enduring Despite Persecution (2:34)

Serving Jehovah During Times of Change (7:11)

 60 Continue Making Progress

Improve Your Personal Study (5:22)

The Best Life Ever (3:31)


Be Faithful Like Abraham (9:20)