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What Is Jesus Like?

What Is Jesus Like?

As we learn about the things Jesus said and did on earth, we discover qualities that draw us closer to him and to his Father, Jehovah. What are some of these appealing qualities? And how can we imitate Jesus in our own life?

1. In what ways is Jesus like his Father?

In heaven, Jesus has watched his loving Father and learned from him for billions of years. As a result, he thinks, feels, and acts just like him. (Read John 5:19.) In fact, Jesus reflects his Father’s personality so perfectly that he said: “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father also.” (John 14:9) As you learn about Jesus’ personality, you will come to know Jehovah better. For instance, Jesus’ compassion for people shows how Jehovah feels about you.

2. How has Jesus shown that he loves Jehovah?

Jesus said: “For the world to know that I love the Father, I am doing just as the Father has commanded me to do.” (John 14:31) While on earth, Jesus showed his great love for his Father by obeying him even when it was difficult to do so. Jesus also loved to talk about his Father and to help others cultivate a friendship with Him.​—John 14:23.

3. How has Jesus shown that he loves people?

The Bible says that Jesus is “especially fond of mankind.” (Proverbs 8:31, footnote) He demonstrated this love by encouraging and selflessly helping people. He performed miracles that showed not only his power but also his compassion. (Mark 1:40-42) He treated people kindly and impartially. His words gave comfort and hope to all honesthearted ones who listened. Jesus was willing to suffer and die because of his love for all mankind. But he especially loves those who follow his teachings.​—Read John 15:13, 14.


Learn more about Jesus’ personality. And consider how to express love and generosity as he did.

4. Jesus loves his Father

Jesus’ example teaches us how to express our love for God. Read Luke 6:12 and John 15:10; 17:26. After reading each scripture, discuss this question:

  • In imitation of Jesus, how can we show that we love Jehovah?

Jesus loved his heavenly Father and spoke to him often in prayer

5. Jesus feels for people in need

Jesus put the needs of other people ahead of his own. Even when he was tired, he used his time and energy to help people. Read Mark 6:30-44, and then discuss these questions:

  • In this account, what are some ways that Jesus showed concern for others?​—See verses 31, 34, 41, and 42.

  • What motivated Jesus to help people?​—See verse 34.

  • Because Jesus reflects Jehovah’s personality, what does all of this teach you about Jehovah?

  • What are some ways that we can imitate Jesus’ concern for others?

6. Jesus is generous

Jesus was generous even though he did not have many material things, and he encouraged us to be generous. Read Acts 20:35, and then discuss this question:

  • According to Jesus, how can we be happy?

Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the question that follows.

  • What are some ways that we can give, even if we do not have much materially?

Did you know?

The Bible teaches us to pray to Jehovah in Jesus’ name. (Read John 16:23, 24.) When we pray in that way, we show that we recognize what Jesus has done to help us become Jehovah’s friends.

SOME PEOPLE SAY: “God doesn’t care about our suffering.”

  • Since Jesus reflects his Father’s personality, how do his actions prove that Jehovah cares about us?


Jesus loves Jehovah, and he loves people. Since Jesus is like his Father, the more you come to know Jesus, the more you will come to know Jehovah.


  • How can we show love for Jehovah, as Jesus did?

  • How can we show love for people, as Jesus did?

  • What do you find most appealing about Jesus’ personality?



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