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Media for Section 3

Media for Section 3

 34 How Can We Show Our Love for Jehovah?

Defend Your Faith Despite Opposition (5:09)


Make Jehovah Happy (8:16)

Stand Up to Peer Pressure! (3:59)

 35 How to Make Good Decisions

Let Bible Principles Guide You (5:54)

“Maintain a Good Conscience” (5:13)


Jehovah Guides His People (9:50)

Jehovah Guarantees All That Is Good (5:46)

 36 Be Honest in All Things


Be Truthful (1:44)

Keep Promises, Receive Blessings (9:09)

 37 What the Bible Says About Work and Money

Work Whole-Souled for Jehovah (4:39)

Jehovah Will Care for Our Needs (6:21)


 38 Appreciate the Gift of Life

Be Safety Conscious (8:34)

Value Life as God Does (5:00)


Song 141​—The Miracle of Life (2:41)

 39 God’s View of Blood


Jehovah Supports the Sick (10:23)

 40 How Can We Be Clean in God’s Eyes?

God Loves Clean People (4:10)

Exercising Self-Control (2:47)

Take Action to Remain Clean (1:51)


Health and Hygiene​—Handwashing (3:01)

 41 What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

Flee From Immorality (5:06)

Fight Temptation With Bible Reading (3:02)

Lacking Good Sense (9:31)


 42 What Does the Bible Say About Singleness and Marriage?

Faithful Single Ones (3:11)

Marriage​—A Permanent Bond (4:30)


Preparing for Marriage (11:53)

 43 How Should Christians View Alcohol?

Should I Serve Alcohol? (2:41)

‘I Got Fed Up With My Lifestyle’ (6:32)


Think Past the Drink (2:31)

 44 Do All Celebrations Please God?

Tactfully Explain Your Beliefs (2:01)


You Are Precious to Jehovah (11:35)

 45 What It Means to Be Neutral


Jehovah Has Never Let Us Down (3:14)

Maintain Neutrality at Public Events (4:25)

“All Things Are Possible With God” (5:19)

 46 Why Make a Dedication and Get Baptized?

Presenting Your Gifts to God (3:04)

Soccer Was My Reason for Living (5:45)


I Give My Life to You (4:30)

 47 Are You Ready to Get Baptized?

The Road to Baptism (3:56)

Love for Jehovah Conquers Obstacles (5:22)

Jehovah God Will Help You (2:50)


‘Why Are You Delaying Baptism?’ (1:10)

Do I Really Deserve This? (7:21)