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What Is Jehovah Like?

What Is Jehovah Like?

When you think of Jehovah God, what comes to your mind? Is he awe-inspiring but far away from you, like the stars of a distant galaxy? Or do you imagine him to be powerful but without a personality, like a thunderstorm? What is Jehovah really like? Through his Word, the Bible, Jehovah reveals some of his qualities, as well as his interest in you.

1. Why are we unable to see God?

“God is a Spirit.” (John 4:24) Jehovah does not have a physical body. He is a Spirit who lives in heaven, a place that we cannot see.

2. What are some aspects of Jehovah’s personality?

Although Jehovah is invisible, he is a real Person with qualities that endear him to those who know him. The Bible says: “Jehovah loves justice, and he will not abandon his loyal ones.” (Psalm 37:28) He is also “very tender in affection and merciful,” especially toward people who are suffering. (James 5:11) “Jehovah is close to the brokenhearted; he saves those who are discouraged.” (Psalm 34:18, footnote) And did you know that Jehovah is affected by the way we act? A person who chooses to do bad things disappoints him and makes him sad. (Psalm 78:40, 41) But a person who does what is right makes him happy.​—Read Proverbs 27:11.

3. How does Jehovah show that he loves us?

Jehovah’s most outstanding quality is love. In fact, “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) Jehovah reveals his love, not only through the Bible but also through the things he created. (Read Acts 14:17.) Consider, for example, how he made us. He has given us the ability to see beautiful colors, hear delightful music, and taste delicious food. He wants us to enjoy life.


Learn what Jehovah uses to accomplish amazing things. Then see how Jehovah reveals and expresses his appealing qualities.

4. Holy spirit​—God’s active force

Just as we use our hands to do work, Jehovah uses his holy spirit. The Bible reveals that holy spirit is, not a person, but the force God uses to get things done. Read Luke 11:13 and Acts 2:17, and then discuss these questions:

  • God will “pour out” his holy spirit on those who ask for it. So do you think holy spirit is a person, or is it God’s active force? Why do you say that?

Jehovah uses his holy spirit to accomplish amazing things. Read Psalm 33:6 and 2 Peter 1:20, 21, and then discuss this question:

  • What are some ways in which Jehovah has used his holy spirit?

5. Jehovah has an appealing personality

Moses was a faithful worshipper of God, but he wanted to know his Creator better. So Moses said to him: “Make me know your ways, so that I may know you.” (Exodus 33:13) In reply, Jehovah revealed to Moses some aspects of His personality. Read Exodus 34:4-6, and then discuss these questions:

  • What aspects of Jehovah’s personality did he reveal to Moses?

  • Which of Jehovah’s qualities especially appeal to you?

6. Jehovah cares about people

God’s people, the Hebrews, were slaves in Egypt. How did their suffering affect Jehovah? Play the AUDIO and follow along, or read Exodus 3:1-10. Then discuss the questions that follow.

  • What does this account tell you as to how Jehovah feels about human suffering?​—See verses 7 and 8.

  • Do you think that Jehovah really wants to help humans and that he is able to do so? Why, or why not?

7. The natural world reveals Jehovah’s qualities

Jehovah reveals his qualities through the things he created. Play the VIDEO. Then read Romans 1:20, and discuss the question that follows.

  • What qualities of Jehovah do you see in the things he has made?

SOME PEOPLE SAY: “God is not a person, he’s just a force that is everywhere.”

  • What do you think?

  • Why do you feel that way?


Jehovah is an invisible Spirit with many appealing qualities, especially love.


  • Why are we unable to see Jehovah?

  • What is the holy spirit?

  • What are some of Jehovah’s qualities?



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