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How Can We Show Our Love for Jehovah?

How Can We Show Our Love for Jehovah?

Have you felt closer to God since you began studying the Bible? Would you like to continue to strengthen your friendship with him? If so, remember that the more Jehovah sees your love for him grow, the more he will love and care for you. How can you show him that you love him?

1. How do we show Jehovah that we love him?

We show our love for Jehovah by obeying him. (Read 1 John 5:3.) He does not force anyone to obey him. Instead, he gives each of us the opportunity to choose whether we will obey him or not. Why? Jehovah wants us to be “obedient from the heart.” (Romans 6:17) In other words, he wants you to obey him, not because you have to, but because you love him. Sections 3 and 4 of this book are designed to help you show your love for Jehovah by doing what pleases him and avoiding what displeases him.

2. Why can it be challenging to show our love for Jehovah?

“Many are the hardships of the righteous one.” (Psalm 34:19) We all struggle with our own imperfections. And we may also face economic problems, injustice, and other difficulties. When we experience hardships, we may not find it easy to do what Jehovah asks of us. That is because the wrong path may be easier to follow. But when you faithfully do what Jehovah tells you to, you show that you love him more than anything else. And you prove that you are loyal to him. In turn, he will be loyal to you. He will never leave you.​—Read Psalm 4:3.


Examine why your obedience matters to Jehovah, and learn what can help you remain faithful to him.

3. An issue that involves you

According to the Bible book of Job, Satan made an accusation not just against the man Job but against all people who want to serve Jehovah. Read Job 1:1, 6–2:10, and then discuss these questions:

  • According to Satan, why did Job obey Jehovah?​—See Job 1:9-11.

  • What does Satan claim about all humans, including you?​—See Job 2:4.

Read Job 27:5b, and then discuss this question:

  • How did Job prove that he truly loved Jehovah?

Job proved his love for Jehovah by remaining loyal to him

We prove our love for Jehovah by remaining loyal to him

4. Make Jehovah’s heart rejoice

Read Proverbs 27:11, and then discuss these questions:

  • How does Jehovah feel when you are wise and obey him? Why?

5. You can be loyal to Jehovah

Our love for Jehovah moves us to tell others about him. Our loyalty to him moves us to do so even when it is not easy. Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the questions that follow.

  • Do you ever find it difficult to tell others about Jehovah?

  • In the video, what helped Grayson overcome his fear?

It is easier to be loyal to Jehovah when we love what he loves and hate what he hates. Read Psalm 97:10, and then discuss these questions:

  • Based on what you have learned, what are some things that Jehovah loves? What are some things that he hates?

  • How can you learn to love what is good and hate what is bad?

6. We benefit when we obey Jehovah

Obeying Jehovah is always best. Read Isaiah 48:17, 18, and then discuss these questions:

  • Do you think we can trust that Jehovah always knows what is best for us? Why?

  • How has your study of the Bible and the true God, Jehovah, benefited you so far?

SOME PEOPLE SAY: “My actions don’t really matter to God.”

  • What scripture could you use to show that our actions affect Jehovah’s feelings?


You can demonstrate your love for Jehovah by obeying him and remaining loyal to him despite challenges.


  • What did you learn from Job’s example?

  • How will you prove your love for Jehovah?

  • What will help you remain loyal to Jehovah?



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