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Section 2 Review

Section 2 Review

Discuss the following questions with your teacher:

  1. What will God do about false religion?

    (See Lesson 13.)

  2. Read Exodus 20:4-6.

    • How does Jehovah feel when people claim to worship him by using images?

      (See Lesson 14.)

  3. Who is Jesus?

    (See Lesson 15.)

  4. What qualities of Jesus appeal to you?

    (See Lesson 17.)

  5. Read John 13:34, 35 and Acts 5:42.

    • Who practice real Christianity today? What proves to you that they are real Christians?

      (See Lessons 18 and 19.)

  6. Who is the head of the congregation, and how does he direct it?

    (See Lesson 20.)

  7. Read Matthew 24:14.

    • How is this prophecy being fulfilled today?

    • With whom have you been sharing the good news?

      (See Lessons 21 and 22.)

  8. Do you think that baptism is a worthwhile goal? Why?

    (See Lesson 23.)

  9. How can you protect yourself from Satan and the demons?

    (See Lesson 24.)

  10. What is God’s purpose for us?

    (See Lesson 25.)

  11. Why do humans suffer and die?

    (See Lesson 26.)

  12. Read John 3:16.

    • What has Jehovah done to rescue us from sin and death?

      (See Lesson 27.)

  13. Read Ecclesiastes 9:5.

    • What happens when we die?

    • What will Jesus do for billions who have died?

      (See Lessons 29 and 30.)

  14. How is God’s Kingdom better than any other government?

    (See Lessons 31 and 33.)

  15. Do you believe that God’s Kingdom is ruling now? Why? When did it begin ruling?

    (See Lesson 32.)