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What Is God’s Purpose for Us?

What Is God’s Purpose for Us?

The Bible acknowledges that for humans, life is ‘short and filled with trouble.’ (Job 14:1) Is this really what God wants for us? If not, what is his purpose for us? Will it ever be fulfilled? Consider the Bible’s comforting answers.

1. What kind of life does Jehovah want for us?

Jehovah wants us to have the best life possible. When he created the first humans, Adam and Eve, he placed them in a beautiful paradise, the garden of Eden. Then “God blessed them, and God said to them: ‘Be fruitful and become many, fill the earth and subdue it.’” (Genesis 1:28) Jehovah wanted them to have children, to make the whole earth a paradise, and to take care of the animals. His purpose was for all people to enjoy perfect health and live forever.

Although things did not work out that way, a God’s purpose has not changed. (Isaiah 46:10, 11) He still wants obedient humans to live forever in perfect conditions.​—Read Revelation 21:3, 4.

2. How can we enjoy a meaningful life now?

Jehovah created us with a “spiritual need,” that is, a desire to know and worship him. (Read Matthew 5:3-6.) He wants us to have a close friendship with him, “to walk in all his ways, to love him,” and to serve him “with all [our] heart.” (Deuteronomy 10:12; Psalm 25:14) When we do so, we can be truly happy even though we have problems. Worshipping Jehovah gives our life real meaning and a sense of purpose.


Learn about the great love Jehovah showed when preparing the earth for us and what his Word teaches about the purpose of life.

3. Jehovah has a wonderful purpose for humans

Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the question that follows.

  • Why did God create our beautiful planet?

Read Ecclesiastes 3:11, and then discuss this question:

  • What does this teach you about Jehovah?

4. Jehovah’s purpose has not changed

Read Psalm 37:11, 29 and Isaiah 55:11, and then discuss this question:

  • How do we know that Jehovah’s purpose for us has not changed?

5. Worshipping Jehovah gives our life real meaning

Knowing the purpose of life can bring us happiness. Play the VIDEO, and then discuss the question that follows.

  • How did Terumi benefit from learning the purpose of life?

Read Ecclesiastes 12:13, and then discuss this question:

  • Because Jehovah has done so much for us, what are we obligated to do in return?

SOMEONE MAY ASK: “What is the purpose of life?”

  • How would you answer?


Jehovah wants us to enjoy life forever in perfect conditions here on earth. When we worship him with all our heart, our lives have real meaning​—even now.


  • What was Jehovah’s original purpose for Adam and Eve?

  • How do we know that God’s purpose for humans has not changed?

  • How can you find real meaning in life?



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a In the next lesson, you will learn what went wrong.