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Media for Section 1

Media for Section 1

 How to Get the Most Out of This Bible Course

Welcome to Your Bible Study (2:45)

 01 How Can the Bible Help You?

Never Give Up Hope! (1:48)

Bible Reading (2:05)


How My Happy New Life Began (2:53)

Why Study the Bible?​—Full Length (3:14)

 02 The Bible Gives Hope

I Wanted to Fight Injustice (4:07)


Imagine the Time (3:37)

 03 Can You Trust the Bible?

The Earth Hangs Upon Nothing (1:13)

The Bible Foretold the Fall of Babylon (0:58)


Fortified by “the Prophetic Word” (5:22)

 04 Who Is God?

Many Titles, but One Name (0:41)

Does God Have a Name?​—Excerpt (3:11)

My Search for the True God (8:18)


 05 The Bible Is God’s Message to Us


They Valued the Bible (14:26)

 06 How Did Life Begin?

Belief in God (2:43)

Was the Universe Created?​—Excerpt (3:51)


 07 What Is Jehovah Like?

Jehovah Cared About Their Suffering (2:45)


 08 You Can Be Jehovah’s Friend

Jehovah Has Done So Much for Me (3:20)


 09 Draw Close to God Through Prayer

Prayer Helps Us to Cope (1:32)


Pray Anytime (1:22)

 10 How Can the Meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses Benefit You?

What Happens at a Kingdom Hall? (2:12)


We Will Never Forget the Greeting (4:16)

I Liked the Meetings So Much! (4:33)

 11 How You Can Get the Most Out of the Bible

Youths Learning to Love God’s Word (5:33)


Effective Personal Study (2:06)

 12 What Will Help You to Keep Studying the Bible?

Rewarded for Persevering (5:22)

Jehovah Helps Us to Make Changes (3:56)


I Put the Truth on Trial (6:30)