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How Can the Bible Help Me?​—Part 1: Exploring Your Bible

How Can the Bible Help Me?​—Part 1: Exploring Your Bible

 “I’ve tried to read the Bible, but I get intimidated by how long it is!”​—Briana, 15.

 Do you feel that way? This article can help you!

 Why read the Bible?

 Does the idea of reading the Bible sound less than appealing? If so, it’s understandable. You may think of the Bible as a book with more than a thousand pages of small type and no pictures​—not much competition for TV and videos!

 But think of it this way: If you came across a huge ancient treasure chest, wouldn’t you be curious about what’s inside?

 The Bible is just such a treasure chest. It contains many gems of wisdom that will help you to

  •   Make good decisions

  •   Get along with your parents

  •   Find the best kind of friends

  •   Cope with stress

 How can such an ancient book be so practical for our day? It’s because “all Scripture is inspired of God.” (2 Timothy 3:​16) That means the advice in the Bible comes from the best Source possible.

The Bible is a treasure chest that contains priceless gems of wisdom

 How should I read the Bible?

 One way is to read the Bible from cover to cover. That will give you an overview of the Bible’s message. There are many ways to read the Bible. Consider two examples:

  •    You could read the 66 Bible books in the order in which they appear, from Genesis to Revelation.

  •    You could read the Bible chronologically​—that is, in the order in which the events related actually occurred.

 Tip: Appendix A7 in the New World Translation gives a chronological list of the main events of Jesus’ life on earth.

 A second way to read the Bible is to select an account that relates to a challenge you are facing. For example:

 Tip: When you read the Bible, make sure your surroundings are quiet so that you can concentrate.

 A third way to read the Bible is to pick an account or a psalm, read it, and then consider how it applies to you. After reading, ask yourself questions such as these:

  •    Why did Jehovah include this in the Bible?

  •    What does it reveal about Jehovah’s personality or way of doing things?

  •    How can I apply this information in my life?

 Tip: Use the study edition of the New World Translation to access videos, maps, and other features that will help you get the most out of your Bible reading.