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AWAKE! No. 2 2018 | 12 Secrets of Successful Families

12 Secrets of Successful Families

We hear a lot about what goes wrong in families that fail. But what goes right in those that succeed?

  • Between 1990 and 2015, the divorce rate in the United States doubled for those over the age of 50 and tripled for those over 65.

  • Parents are confused: Some experts recommend giving children constant praise, while others advocate tough love.

  • Young people are entering adulthood without the skills they need to succeed.

Nevertheless, the fact is . . .

  • Marriage can be a rewarding and permanent bond.

  • Parents can learn to discipline their children with love.

  • Young people can gain the skills they need for adulthood.

How? This issue of Awake! will discuss 12 secrets of successful families.


1: Commitment

Three practical tips can help marriage mates stay together.

2: Teamwork

Does your marriage mate seem more like a roommate?

3: Respect

Learn what words and actions are essential to ensure that your spouse feels respected.

4: Forgiveness

What can help you see past your mate’s imperfections?

5: Communication

Three key steps can help you to draw closer to your children.

6: Discipline

Does discipline undermine a child’s self-esteem?

7: Values

What standards should you teach your children?

8: Example

If you want your words to reach your children, they must be in harmony with your actions.

9: Identity

How can young people stand up for their beliefs?

10: Trustworthiness

Earning your parent’s trust is an important step in becoming an adult.

11: Industriousness

Learning how to work hard as a youth can help you to be successful at whatever you do in life.

12: Goals

Reaching goals can boost your confidence, strengthen your friendships, and increase your happiness.

More Help for the Family

The Bible’s advice can help you to have a successful marriage and a happy family life.